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Would you get a tattoo for money? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) August 11th, 2016

If a sponsor like Under Armour, wanted to pay you to have their logo tattooed on you you,for advertising, would you do it?

How much would your arm billboard cost?

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I would have to be in dire straights. The contract would have to be limited to a certain amount of advertising time, include the present cost of removal, and about a year’s income.

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Only if it was a cause that I believed in and it was a temporary tattoo.

I used to facilitate a hotel brand training class for new general managers. One night after class, a group of managers went out, and probably after a few drinks, got a tattoo of the hotel brand’s logo. I’ve often wondered how many of them regretted it later.

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Maybe—but it would have to be a very small tattoo and a whole lot of money.

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I’d get a henna tattoo for money. I’d put a logo on my car.

But to be honest, very few people see my body – ever – so it would be a bad investment on the company’s part.

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No – I have enough. It i were indigent and hungry, then probably yes.

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No way. I would only get a tattoo for individual expression. No lover’s names, or corporate logos at all.

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It would depend on what, where, how big and how much.

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certainly yes!

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Ditto @canidmajor.

“It would depend on what, where, how big and how much.”

Never say no.

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Not likely. It would be VERY expensive and my ass would be cheaper than my forehead.

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Depends on where. My face? No.

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Under the conditions that

A: Certain areas are a no-no

B: It will be, as with any billboard, for a specified period of time (although a renewal may be considered)


C: As with any billboard once the agreed upon contract has expired the advertisement will be removed or covered over

then absolutely I would. It would not, however, be cheap.

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Removal is much more painful and expensive that the tattoo itself.

That said, I’d either choose and advertisement I could live with, or one that could be stylized into something cool. Under Armor would be easy.
No face or hands.

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Eh, tattoos are not at all painful, so it’s not much of a stretch for anything to be more painful than them.

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No. I’m a real chickenshit about pain, no matter how minor it may seem to others with a higher pain tolerance.

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I had a friend that had a small Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs) tattooed on his outside shoulder. I much admired it. He said it wasn’t any big deal, having it done. At the time, it made me think, as I could have had the same done practically for free.

The same friend later had a tattoo put on his shoulder blade. He said it hurt like murder, and if he had it to do again, he would not.

Ended my flirtation with tattooing.

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