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If a man describes a woman as "angelic," could that be anything other than a romantic interest?

Asked by Poser (7800points) August 1st, 2008

I can’t imagine a man saying that to a woman that he didn’t have romantic feelings for. What about giving her flowers after she’s had a difficult day?

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There might be a very small possibility, I guess. He might say that if a woman is kindest and most generous person he’s met. Flowers are the same. Most likely romantic, but depends on the type as well. Red roses have pretty much one meaning. If you have any interest, you can pretty safely make a move and not get rejected.

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It is possible, in the first case, that the woman did him a favor and he said, “You’re an angel” or “You have been angelic through this ordeal.” That might not indicate romantic feelings. In the second case, it could be a very close long-standing friend. So, to answer your detail-base question, it is possible.

That said, it is unlikely, especially if the two things were done by the same man to the same woman in a short period of time. 1.) If it is you, be more explicit. Women like the words. 2.) If it is another man to your woman, concern would seem to be justified. Make positive, romantic gestures to her yourself, but don’t bug her about it, especially if she has denied she has any interest in the guy. (She hasn’t done anything wrong.) Make her so focused on you she will tell the other guy to get lost just because she is busy thinking about the next time you two will be together.

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I considered Mother Teresa “angelic”, but I swear it was strictly platonic. honest

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Romantic in a “Silence of the Lambs” kind of way. “Angelic” is putting a woman on a pedastal for the purpose of reverence and eventual possession. My creepy meter is in the red.

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@Kevbo: Don’t you sound romantic? LOL

I had a platonic (gay, in fact) guy friend whom I frequently call “Angelface.”

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Kevbo puts my creepy-meter in the red…...

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You know my gf used to say that. That reminds me… I really need to clean the fridge.

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@Kev: Oh… my God. LOL

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Angelic could be a voice when singing like Sinead O’Connor’s voice for instance or Charlotte Church’s voice .

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The term angel means ‘messenger’. Generally angels are understood to be Holy Messengers from the Christian God. Angels stand for supernatural beauty and a Holy curiosity into the ways of mankind. If a complete stranger goes out of their way to help you out and then suddenly disappears like the new Batman, then you might have been assisted by an ‘angel unaware’.

This definition from a Christian perspective lends itself to something other than romance. However angels have played many roles in movies lately. The Bible does say that at some point before the flood that angels came down and bred with women and giants were the result.

Hope this helps ;)

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Poser- sounds like this happened to someone you’re close to. Not cool, not platonic. A little nipping in the bud may be in order.

@nice off-the-wall reference to Nephilim(?!) and it did help. Gave me my first huge laugh of the day.

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@knotmyday: My name is not ‘nice’ and if it did help then how about a little lurve???

Nephilim are such a cool, mysterious topic. I feel a question about them coming on.

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just a little bit of flirting. Just as Hannibal to Clarisse.

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