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Why do people do these things?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 1st, 2008

Canadian decapitated and stabbed 60 times on full greyhound bus. “he was like a robot showing no emotions” The guy who did it did not know the victim. What could poses someone to such unprovoked acts? Response

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drugs and that darn rock ‘n roll music…and Grand Theft Auto video games.

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@jholler, joke? if so its a f****n bad joke. Not cool dude.

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not a joke. I spent a year fighting for my life because of Islamic fundamentalism. I don’t hate Muslims, but I do believe their religion is insane, and I’ve earned the right to beleieve that.

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jholler, there are fundamentalists in every religion and culture. You can believe what you want, but I don’t think that’s an appropriate response to this question.

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mental illness.

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@jholler—I don’t think one has to earn the right to hold an opinion or belief, no matter how objectionable it might be.

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There’s no answer to this question. You can’t understand why crazy people do crazy things. If you understood, you’d probably be crazy too. You’re also putting a great deal of trust in the media for having reported the story accurately. None of us were there, and none of us has any real idea about what happened.

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I’d go with mental illness or drugs….or maybe he just had the worst day of his life and decided the next person to look at him was going to die?

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Earn the right? Do you even know anything about Islam outside of the propaganda?

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My grandparents seem to think that any Muslim is a terrorist….sad

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@tinyfaery, yes. I’ve read the Koran, have you? I’ve also seen firsthand what people do because their prophet told them to “Take not friends from among the Jews and Christians”, and to “seek them and kill them wherever you find them.” (Surah 9, I believe, maybe verse 5?)

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Equal horror in the bible; therefore, Christianity is insane. Are you a scholar, or do you just take inflammatory comments out of context to prove your opinions?

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@jholler as shrubbery said there are extremists in every culture or religion. I’ve got two examples and one of them i know you’re not going to like. Number one; Hitler. He had his own belief and thought that everyone else was wrong, and what did he do? He killed over 7 million people, if thats not extremism i don’t know what is.
Secondly… Jesus. All these muslims you’re talking about who are willing to die for there religion, i’m pretty sure thats what Jesus did. Please, Please correct me if i’m wrong.

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@joey, the difference is that Jesus died for our sins(religion) mohammed taught to kill for his. also, Moslems only want to die in the name of their faith to secure their own place in paradise, it’s their only guarantee. Jesus died to secure mine and yours.

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faery, have you read the Koran?

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That is not the only way to secure a place in paradise. The fundis of any religion will interpret sacred text to excuse their behavior. More people have died in the name of the Christian god, then in the name of any other.

I have a minor in religious studies; I have read much of the Koran. How about you?

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I’ve read all of it and lived in Iraq for a year.

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@jholler; Learn how to spell, secondly extremist Muslims are dying to gain divine acceptance. Again i must stress another example of christian extremism; the crusades, once again you see christians killing each other in the name of God. How is this justified, i can’t be. And i’m sorry to tell you jholler, Jesus means nothing to me, to me he was an average person who died to be a martyr just like many muslims are. that is my opinion, not meaning to offend anyone

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jholler, may I please ask what you did while you were in Iraq? And just an aside, do you know anything about the history of Islam?

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joey, what did I misspell? It says something when you tell me You are sorry that Jesus means nothing to you. I am sorry too, you mean everything to Him. Also, your last sentence says it is only your opinion, not meant to offend anyone…you should never have to apologize for what you believe, and you should never believe anything you feel the need to apologize for. Why does MY opinion offend you?
Shrubbery, I was part of a route clearance team. We drove 8mph or so and looked for and cleared ieds. What I know about the history of Islam is what I’ve read. An excellent one is “Islam and terrorism” written by a man who was raised in Islam, was a professor of Islamic history at Al-Azar university in Cairo, then was ostracized and threatened with death when he converted to Christianity.

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@jholler first of it is spelt Muslim not Moslem. Secondly ‘Islam’ is a religion not a place. How can one live in Islam?

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I see. I believe “Muslim” can be spelled either way, similar to “Koran” or “Quran”. My spellcheck recognizes both. And I meant that he was raised in the ways of Islam, sorry for the confusion.

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