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Do you ever stumble on perfect avatars, either for yourself or someone else?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42454points) August 13th, 2016

Or have you ever had someone send you an avatar they found that made them think of you?

When I was on, as Dutchess, one of the members sent me this. All the guys fell in love with The Purple Dutchess.

One time I found this for Nina, on, who is “Will Work for Chocolate” here. When she’s here.

I often used this when engaging in battles on The actual pictures would post in the body of the text there so you didn’t have to follow a link.

Someone posted this on my FB page recently. I snagged it for an avatar which I used for a while.

Also this.

ThornInMud made this for me, lest I develop Accidental Delusions of Grandeur.

This Q came to mind because of my current avatar. It flashed up on my TV. Don’t know if it was an ad, or part of a movie, but my heart just stopped. So froze the show and I stole it.

Of course, feel free to snag any of these for yourself.

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I’ve been happy with the one I found for myself for at least 8 years.

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I love my green elephant sitting at his tiny computer. I found it on Google images two years ago. Every time I think I need a change and do another elephant search I wind up deciding to stick with him.

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Not really. I like my squirrel.

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You aren’t the first to have a squirrel. Guys..whose av was this? I put the blindfold on for her, don’t remember why…

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