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Does anyone play cat's-cradle anymore?

Asked by jeanm (279points) July 20th, 2007

I just discovered amazing one-person patterns and a book on the history of string figures. As a kid I only learned the two-person technique so I'm re-discovering cat's cradle and loving it.

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hell yeah!

tell us about your discoveries! - are any patterns online?

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I haven't played cat's cradle in forever, but I used to love it! What's the book you found? I'd love to see it...

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I found the book String Figures and How to Make Them by Caroline Jayne at the bookstore of the Museum of Jurassic Technology in L.A. which has an AMAZING moving image display about cat's-cradle. The book was first published in 1906; this edition is from 1962 and shows cat's-cradle patterns from all over the world and many different cultures. Clear instructions. Old black and white photos and stories of who taught the author each pattern. It's cat's-cradle for curious grown ups!

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I used to own a copy of that book! It was in paper and published by Dover. Very inexpensive at the time. Thanks for the memories.

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I had that book too! And I can STILL do owl's eyes.

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There's a slew of vids on youtube if you search for "Sting Figures"

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Yes, I was at Caribou Coffee and the barista made me take her cradle before I got my order. It was fun.

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