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Do you care what your facial tissue ("Kleenex") boxes look like?

Asked by Jeruba (50614points) August 18th, 2016

Here come three questions on a subject near and dear to my heart. This is number 1.

I’ve been a “hayfever”-type allergy sufferer all my life, as well as susceptible to colds, and hence something of a connoisseur of disposable tissues.

I do care what my Kleenex boxes look like, and there are some so ugly that I simply won’t buy them. Right now I stick to a classic design, but I really did have favorites that went off the market. Sometimes I even opened the ends and refilled them because I didn’t want to throw them away.

Do you care what yours look like, or will any old exterior—and, indeed, interior—do??

Tags as I wrote them: tissues, Kleenex, packaging, package design.

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I am grateful to have never suffered from allergies, so I really only need “Kleenex” for some basic things. For that reason, the look of packaging has been much less important to me than the accessibility of the tissues themselves. If they bunch up, or tear easily, they could be in the prettiest boxes and I would hate them.

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I try to buy the box color that matches my bathrooms.

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I only care that they have the most tissues it is capable to get in a box. I won’t buy the smaller, more decorative kind.

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First priority is price. If they’re on sale or if the cost per tissue is lower, that’s my number one priority. Second priority is a nice box. I will also take the tissue box from a hotel and so I have a supply in the bathroom vanity. Of course, the box that’s in the hotel dispenser is just an ordinary box but beggars can’t be choosers.

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I shop price first, then value for quality, then aesthetic.

I will always look for something green. It’s my favorite color.

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Most of the tissue boxes around here were taken from hotel rooms (shame on me!). I don’t really care what the box looks like.

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Plenty in all forms of packaging because this year has been allergy hell. I also have a family member who works for the company that makes kleenex so I pretty much have a lifetime supply.

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I do. I have a preferred brand, and buy it when it’s on sale. They have a range of box designs, some of which I like and some of which I loathe.

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I am very upset with the tissue companies because they started making colorful, beautiful designs on their boxes, and no one wanted to buy the pretty tissue box covers I make. The only ones that sell now are things like the fire Engine and car patterns and unusual ones like the Peanuts covers. I used to make similar gifts for my whole family over the years.

My whole house is filled with lots of different yarn/plastic canvas items, such as vases, baskets and even toys (planes and a full farm set)

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We let the toilet tissue do the double duty. It’s soft enough that it doesn’t irritate the nose.

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@Yetanotheruser Just don’t get confused about which end is up!

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Don’t much care what they look like. Couldn’t tell you what most of the packages in the house look like. I buy based on price. All other things being equal, I’ll pick the most natural looking box – nature scenes, bamboo, leaves .

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I only care about them looking hideous or having stupid ass stuff on them like minions.

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