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What kind of food did your mom pack in the your school lunch?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42438points) August 18th, 2016

I got a lot of peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Sometimes she put chocolate milk in my thermos. That was always a nice surprise. That’s about it. I don’t ever remember any chips or veggies or desserts being included.

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I do not remember.

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I got school lunch. Usually crappy pizza or breaded chicken patty sandwiches, and chocolate milk.

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We did not originally have a school cafetria (it was a small town). My favortie was when my grandmother made fried bologna sammiches.

Muh-muh-muh my bologna!

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Pretty sure my mom never packed me a lunch because every public school I attended had a cafeteria.

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We had a cafeteria. But she packed lunches for me in Jr. High. I don’t remember why.

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We had a cafeteria in all the schools I went to but sometimes I’d bring lunch. I remember turkey sandwiches (never on what I considered “good bread” which was Wonder bread type bread, but a more serious type of white bread or wheat bread). Sometimes cream cheese and jelly sandwiches. My mom was one to wrap sandwiches in wax paper. She always did and still always does have wax paper in the house. Dessert would be a piece of fruit like an apple. The thermos might have milk or grape juice or water. Never any chips or anything like that. We never had stuff like that in the house.

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I never know what a lunch box is. I always eat at home at noon. In the morning I either eat at home or eat out. Schools here don’t operate the same way as America school. You learn everything of the day in one hard long sitting in the morning or afternoon. The schedure doesn’t spread out like in America. That’s why students don’t need lunch boxes.

But speaking of eating out, sometimes students want to bring their meal to school. They order packages and bring them to anywhere in the school. Some students bring them to class despite the “no food” rule. The packages are the closest to the lunch boxes you know.

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My favorite, favorite school food was this hamburger gravy that would probably be illegal today. I have never been able to duplicate it.

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Peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I loved the way the honey soaked into the bread by lunchtime. She also included a tablesoon’s worth of Nestle’s Quik chocolate powder wrapped in wax paper so that it could be added to the small carton of milk purchased.

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Ir was usually a PB&J, or cold cut sandwich with cookies and fruit. I would have a milk money allowance for the week.

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Yeah, and it got crispy with the sugar @Pied_Pfeffer! Yeah, Mom did the Nestle’s chocolate powder for me too! I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me. Maybe they knew each other!
Do you remember the sound of broken glass in your thermos?

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I never had a thermos. The three older siblings had lunch boxes, and like you mentioned, the thermoses that came with them eventually broke. By the time I was old enough for school, Mom opted for the little brown paper bags.

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A check for the monthly lunch pass.

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The Thermos was so charming and yet now so antiquated! Now at school or camp it’s “Send your child with a water bottle.” More plastic for the landfills.

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She never packed me a lunch. She gave me lunch money, I made my own lunch or I went hungry.

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I bought hot lunch. It was cheap ($2/day) and less work for my mom — and “less work for my mom” was the name of the game.

Salisbury Steak FTW!!

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Sandwiches, a lot of PB+J and bologna. Sometimes soup in a thermos in the winter. I’d also get chips and an apple or something. Once in awhile a little treat like a twinkie. That was all grade school. Once i hit middle school I ate cafeteria food.

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You know, I think I quit eating lunch in HS. I spent that time hanging out at the Student Union. I’d eat an ice cream sandwich or a small sack of corn nuts. I can’t even remember what the cafeteria in HS looked like!

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