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Does your dog allow you to trim its nails and do you do it or take it to a vet?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) August 20th, 2016

Does the sweet canine child allow you to lift its paw and trim or does it go crazy? How do you approach it with the dog going crazy?

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My dog would allow it but he didn’t like it. I would roll him onto his back and straddle him to do the job.

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I pay someone to do Russell’s. His nails are opaque and I fear hitting his quick. I am the one who makes his ouchies go away, so I don’t want to be associated with causing him pain.

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Mine’s quite good about letting me do it (unlike my previous dog). I’m sure the fact that I give him a little piece of dried lamb lung after each toe has nothing to do with it.

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It’s such a power struggle and his nails are black so you can’t see the quick. I just have my other dog’s groomer do it when we take the other dog.

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Out of six dogs, all were cut at home until,the last. He hated having them clipped, and we finally gave up and would take him to a groomer.

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Rick does ours. Dakota makes her displeasure known by laying a guilt trip on him for 15 minutes after word.

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I don’t own a dog at this time but do trim my 2 cats claws. They don’t like it but are quite patient about it. They do moan and whine a bit just for the dramatic effect. I am quite adept at trimming their claws and have never drawn blood. Most animals do not like having their feet messed with, feet are very important to them for obvious reasons. haha

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She isn’t happy about it but she will let me do it. I always make sure she gets big treat reward for it though!

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