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What key is for adjusting the volume on a decade old cellphones?

Asked by flo (12974points) August 24th, 2016

As asked.

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Often didn’t have a button; would have to go through the settings.

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@PriceisRightx26 How about if you have one chance and one chance only, to try a button what would you pick?

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Try looking on the side of the phone for two buttons next to each other, with arrows on them pointing away from each other like this:

<| |>

It could be one longer button that can be pressed on either end.

If you are holding the phone vertically, as if up to your ear, the button pointing up is the one that increases the volume.

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Is it a flip-phone? I loved those things. The keypad was covered and safe from butt-dialing.

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@flo So much pressure! What’s the story behind this question? haha. If there’s actually a button it’s probably as described by @zenvelo or will double a number key (and will show a volume symbol). Otherwise, whichever button takes you to the settings. Is there a specific phone you’re looking at?

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I would say that the older phones had buttons for volume, not in the settings. Those things were primitive. So a button or buttons with + and – . Or a button with up and down arrows. Or a couple of buttons shaped like up and down arrows. I would say it would be a big button or two smaller similar ones.

I would also Google the model so that I could find out more, before I used my one chance….

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Just to put things in perspective the original iPhone is a decade old (well 9 years but you get my point).

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Every flip phone I owned had a rocker switch on the side to adjust volume.

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I saw a diagram the other day with a similar phone to this one:
and the arrow was pointing at the space between the number 1 key and and the send key above it. But it doesn’t look like it’s an actual button, there is nothing on it, like “vol” or something.

I want to be able to turn the volume up immediately without having to go to settings, for emergency purposes. Say a very loud sound (out of your control) came on in your surrounding, suddenly, while you’re on the phone, listening to a very important something.

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Thanks everyone.

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The volume button on that phone is in the middle of the upper area. This image is better. You can see the square button clearly. If you’d asked me how to turn up the volume of this phone I would have chosen that button and pressed the top edge for increase and the bottom edge for decrease.

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