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Could you recommend a good fabric cleaner that you have used that has worked well for you?

Asked by simon (308points) August 1st, 2008

I have ivory seat fabric covers on my kitchen chairs, that say only use a fabric cleaner. Do not get wet, do not dry clean, do not machine wash and do not pass go. Probably should have said do not buy, you’ll never get it clean again. I can google up dozens of them, but would appreciate a recommendation on a good one.

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What’s the fabric? (Next time buy food-colored fabric.) Turn the chairs upside down and see whether the seats can be removed easily. Then you can buy other fabric and staple on.

I have no recommendations for actual fabric cleaners. They are all nasty and have fumes you don’t want to breathe.

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We just spilled wine on a white chair. I had had other experience with other staining type foods—and here is the amazing thing to use—It works!!! Hydrogen Peroxide. If it’s a really bad stain, mix it with soap and scrub. The red wine was gone after an overnight soak. A miracle, I tell you, a miracle!

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