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What is it about Chinese "Hot Mustard" that gives you that "gasolene vapor" effect that makes your eyes water and sinuses clear up?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) August 1st, 2008

Just as the question says. There’s weak-ass Hot Mustard that you get in packets, then there’s the real mother deal that you get at legit restaraunts, the kind that, if you were to put enough of it on (which isn’t very much at all) you get this totally gnarly vapor effect that destroys your brain in an atomic rush of flavor?

I ask, because it seems that we eat a fair amount of Habanero snacks that don’t put off nearly the same heat as Hot Mustard… I add Habanero sauce to my chili, for example.

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It’s a horseradish based heat (as opposed to capsaicin). It’s what gives wasabi it’s kick. (That rush makes my scalp crawl.)

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It’s the mustard.

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I love the brain rush! Chinese hot mustard, yes! Wasabi, yes! (Go, green death.)

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to make the stuff, just get dry mustard from the spice section of the store, add a little water – and boom!

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Wasabi is a type of horseradish. I don’t know why it’s green, tho.

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anyone else eat a raw habanero? I’m in the club!

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Is it me, or does Lovelocke look a lot like Wolverine? (stratman37’s avatar.) Assuming it’s Lovelocke in his photo.

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@rh Not just you. When I first saw stratman37’s avatar, I thought Lovelocke had made a second account.

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