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Why is my iTunes doing this?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) August 2nd, 2008

Every once in a while when I open iTunes and it opens but it’s not where I left it when I closed it. It moves down a large gap and some times it’s more than this.

Here’s a link to the what it looks like, any suggestions on what’s happening? It’s happened before and it happens for a while but it goes away.

Oh and ignore the blank spots for phone number and serial number.

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Do you drag the window down before you quit – you know, shuffling windows around?

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No I don’t really shuffle windows unless I’m working on something and even then I try to use Spaces, I never move my iTunes window because I really have no use in moving it, it’s always did it on it’s own and it usually happens when I plug my iPhone in.

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I have also seen this kind of behavior when using Spaces, especially with MS Office; I think it’s a bug with spaces, plus I use multiple monitors of different resolutions.

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Do you run another monitor at any point? I’ve noticed that can sometimes cause it. Atleast on mine, if I had something open in the monitor, and then the monitor isn’t present when I turn on the computer again, and bring open that particular application, it might be in a different place.

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No, I am a simple Mac user, I use it for movies, photos, and developing applications.

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It looks like it’s simply centering the window. Is your dock auto-hiding?

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I’m with sndfreQ, spaces is a candidate. It’s really buggy.

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