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Obama or Mccain?

Asked by aisyna (963points) August 2nd, 2008

Who are you going to be voting for in the upcoming election and why??

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Obama, because I don’t want the war to run for 100 years. because i am pro choice and pro civil rights. Go here to learn more about his policies.

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im voting for pedro.

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Obama, because I’ve always sort of liked the idea of a country run by the People.

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Obama, because he is a leader, and that is what this country desperately needs now.

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I see this place is just FILLED with McCain supporters. lol

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Obama, I can’t handle another four years under Bush.

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No way am I voting for either Obama or McCain. Both are all about big government and overspending.

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Why do we have to vote to choose the president? Can’t they all just battle it out like the animals?

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Obama, because I want an end to war, improvement in the economy, a return of my civil rights, attention paid to the environment, health care reform, and a lot more.

If McCain were elected, I would not see any of those things.

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Obama…for all the reasons listed above, and also because of the Supreme Court Justices that are just hanging on till there’s a Democrat in charge so they can retire. If McCain wins, they won’t be able to wait him out, and the Court will lean heavily to the right for a long, long time.

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I’ll agree that the Justices are a big factor in my support of Obama. (I’ve actually never donated money to a campaign before, but it feels so good.) Also how nice would it be to see a President be able to give us all back some of or rights with the stroke of a pen in the first few weeks in office.

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Now, who are they again?

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@breed…yes, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief that we’re no longer heading towards being a police state.

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Obama. The reason: I hate people like Jon McCain with a passion. With that said, i am interested in seeing if Obama can actually do the things he is promising. I remember bush promising change before his first campaign and we all know how that went. At the same time, FDR got elected through such claims and he did a pretty decent job according to my standards

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Obama all the way.

As a side note, do you all remember the old joke about Al Gore? The one that goes, “How can you tell Al Gore from a secret service agent? He’s the stiff one.” That joke needs to be resurrected for John McCain, I can’t believe how uncomfortable and out of his element he looks whenever he is in front of the cameras!

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The defender of our Constitution and our rights Dr. Ron Paul.

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Full disclosure: I’m a Canadian.

I do like Obama because he is the first person to show a plan of what to do in Iraq, he understands the Afghanistan problem, he is a great speaker, and I can not stand Bush apart from the satire in his wake.


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Obama because he has brought hope and interest. Also,I believe he doesn’t feel he has to know everything but will find the answers rather than pretend.

@ – all who said neither, them who.

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@Bri L
Ron Paul was my top choice. The non-Obama/McCain options are now Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, and Ralph Nader. A lot of Ron Paul supporters are saying they’re still going to write-in Ron Paul; unfortunately, write-in votes aren’t actually counted.

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@aidje: What do you mean write-in votes aren’t actually counted? Care to elaborate a bit?

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@aidje-Thank you for the list. I had no frame of reference and will look into those names. Right now, as I stated, my vote is Obama’s to lose. But I am open to what others have to say.

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@lefteh I think what was meant by write in was you can’t put in the name of the person you want on the ballot? I could be wrong though.

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@random- you are allowed to write in anybodys name and it is suppose to be counted

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It depends on the state. In several states, a write-in candidate must register as such. However, in many, any name written in will be counted.

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Write ins may be counted, but they don’t count in any substantial way…never enough to beat the major canditates…so maybe he/she means your vote is “thrown away” or wasted?

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@lefteh, RandomMrdan, aisyna, and augustian
What I mean is that write-in votes are only counted for candidates who have registered themselves as a write-in candidate. (This may be different in some places, but I had the impression that it was the same everywhere.)

When Ron Paul announced that he was no longer running for president, he said that while he could not endorse any other candidate, that his followers should NOT vote for him, because he would not be registering as a write-in candidate.

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@aidje: Your statement is only true in about a third of the states. Here is a handy chart explaining the rules in different states.

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wow, I had no idea…

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Thanks, that’s an interesting chart. The most interesting part to me is that there are only those three rules. More specifically, there is no rule that says “all write-in candidates will be counted.”

So I think that the situation I described is, of all cases, the best possible case for a potential write-in.

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@aidje: States that have no Xs count all write-in candidates.

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Ah, silly me. I didn’t realize that not all of the states had an X.

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