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How do i know if my used car has a performance chip on the ECU with out disassembling the ecu?

Asked by JasonH (107points) August 3rd, 2008

i have a 98 jetta vr6 glx i did a little experiment with fuel octanes, i tried 89 octane than i tried 97 octane and it seemed my car loved every drop of 97 Oct….... more than the 89 is there any way to for sure know if i have a chip with out plugging it in or….such activity…? now there is a little sticker on the gas intake door that says: unleaded 89 octane only. but that’s a factory sticker. thanks much!

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It doesn’t tell you in the manual?

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this is a used car from some bloke. no manuals. im talking about an “Aftermarket Chip” lol

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