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Which actor was the best James Bond?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) August 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan? Only of this two, my husband and I are arguing about it.

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Sean Connery all the way!

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Your husband and you are wrong.

It was this guy:

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Is there even a debate on this? Its Sean Connery all the way.

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although i agree connery is best, i really liked moore as well, he had that laid back attitude in a way, more of a gadget man really, not as much charisma, but maybe that’s what i like about him…

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When I think James Bond, I always default to Connery.

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Connery, but I’ll grant that out of all of them, Brosnan is a close second.

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Of those two? Connery. Pierce Brosnan did not have the gritty edge.

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Pierce. suck his Irish nipples!

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Of your options, Connery. But my all-time fave is now Daniel Craig. I like the darkness he brings to the character.

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I’m on an iPhone, so I can’t copy and paste the link to where this question was asked previously.


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Connery, Sean Connery

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Bonds. Barry Bonds.
Oh wait. You said Bond.

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Sean Connery. Although Pierce Brosnan did bring something to the table. I never got a chance to see Casino Royale, but I heard Daniel Craig is amazing.

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Connery is the undisputed legend of the franchise, but Daniel Craig is my new favorite because the way they wrote and shot Bond in CR, let’s us see how he struggled at the beginning.

And the clean up scene in the bathroom after offing that thug in the stairwell was like a peek into what is must’ve really been like to be Bond.

You can better identify with the character if you show his humanity. Sean was great, no contest, but looking back now you see that he was just TOO smooth to be real, eh?

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I’d go with Pierce…since I’ve grown up, any of the Bond movies I’ve seen in theaters have been him as Bond…and now Daniel Craig is the new Bond…and wow he does do a great job, he is my new favorite…but between connery and brosnan, I’d go with Brosnan.

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@cage I think you would be sucking Welsh body parts.

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@Cardinal, I think you’ll be sucking my nipples after that mistake

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Is there really a question here? SEAN CONNERY OF COURSE!!!!!!!!

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Sean Connery was best by a strong margin.

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