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Clever movie titles for future James Bond movies would be?

Asked by rebbel (31839points) July 17th, 2010

Tonight the Bond movie Live And Let Die is on the telly.
According to Wikipedia: “The James Bond series of novels and films feature some of the most memorable titles in entertainment history.”
For example; “You Only Live Twice”, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Die Another Day”.
The newest hasn’t a title yet, other then “Bond 23”.
Care to come up with a title for this one and other 007’s in the future?

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Enough Already

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Legs akimbo pussy galore’s last stand

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Bonds Revenge.

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I would like to see more of you Jellies’ creative fruits, but i think i already see a winner here…, @janbb, that one of yours is quite brilliant!

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I think the producers of “Bond 23” have bigger problems than thinking up a name (given that they’ve run out of money an d closed production).

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Amsterdamned. Yeah it’s been done before (good little movie by the way) Still works for me though. hmm, I wonder where it could be set?

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If it’s a comedy, “Bond Jovial.”

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For King and Country!

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For a villian, I suggest a genetically cloned combination of Bond’s greatest villians: Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Odd Job.
You could call him Blo-Job.

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The Last James Bond Movie

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Considering his love of the ladies how about Poonraker or Goldenthigh?

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I’m not sure about a title, but I’d love to see Bond take on the evil CEO of British Petroleum…
Oilyfinger, maybe?

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Passé. Definitely Passé.
License to Bore.
Oh Oh Oy.

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Call it, 15 minutes of action…..1 and ½ hr lull…and then another semi cool 15 minutes.

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