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Does the pope not realize calling the banning of the gay cure "Christian Persecution" he is literally proving he has has a serious persecution complex?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) September 23rd, 2016

Just so we are clear the so called gay cure is brainwashing. It has been removed for the sake of reducing suicide and mental health reasons. Francis is literally claiming the essurence of safeguarding LGBT’s mental health as persecution.

Source: Pink News

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No. It proves that he believes Christians should have a right to their beliefs and the practice of them. He probably doesn’t see it as brainwashing.

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If Christians didn’t believe they were being persecuted their entire belief system would fall apart.

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Well that’s strange. According to Google, Pope said this, this and this as well.

I must point out a very interesting the case of Huffington Post, who seems to have heard this. But, some time later, that same newspaper publishes the article that says completely the opposite of what it said that Pope proclaimed. Makes one wonder…

Now let’s look at that article of yours.

The title said “Catholic church: Banning gay cure therapy is ‘persecution’ against religion” Where’s Pope there?
Reading further: where are any words said by the Pope himself mentioned? I, at least, don’t see them. The whole article talks about rallies against same sex marriage in Mexico.

“Telesur TV reports that the spokesperson of Mexico’s Catholic church, Father Hugo Valdemar, fumed: “There is persecution against the Church.’ ”. Pope’s name is Francis. Also, he is in Vatican.

From a link about the Vatican forcing the ‘gay cure’ (here, taken from the article) it is stated that Vatican church has the gay therapy, but at the same time it mentions Pope’s “Who am I to judge?” reaction when asked about gay marriages.

So….what exactly does the man himself say about homosexuals?

My opinion is that the Pope may have nothing to do with rallies in Mexico. Surely he is a head of the Church, but he has several times criticized the doings of the Catholics and the very church he is the head of. Also, as I said, that article never cited nor mentioned anything that Pope himself said, but the actions of the Catholic priest. I don’t know Pope’s opinion on the whole event, but slamming his image there without even citing his words, nor referencing him in person in any way may be a bit…..hasty.

Of course, I may be wrong. I don’t know. I have no way to see the Pope’s words on the topic.

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The second link is off there for some reason.. Here it is.

Also, it was not my intention to be hostile with stating Pope’s name and whereabouts. Sorry about that one.

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^^Oh, now wait a minit there. The fine editors at Pink did post an unrelated stock photo from Getty Images of the Pope looking very mean at the top of their ::cough:: news item. Doesn’t that count for something?

“Journalism” like this can only hurt the LGBQ rights movement.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Finding one image of him frowning among thousands of images of him smiling requires a lot of research. Gotta give them credits for that.

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What is sad is that this is an excellent story that Pink could have used to their advantage just by reporting it straight, if they could even see a story through their fog of negativity. But they evidently have no sense of Mexican history or culture and, it seems, don’t care.

For the President of Mexico to ban outright such an antiquated and atrocious ritual represents an amazingly bold and brave act, reminiscent of the Christero War back in ‘26 and the incessant meddling of the Church in the personal lives and Mexican interior politics that few countries would tolerate. But they didn’t do that. They chose a line of cheap, obvious propaganda instead.

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They could have simply used a picture of Father Whatshisface, instead of the Pope.

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The problem is of course determining the line between preaching and brainwashing. As far as I’m concerned, the differences amount to mere semantics. I’m unprepared to declare His Holiness a homophobe simply for resisting a ban on preaching. Let the idiots who believe they can talk a man straight have at it. As for those interested in banning the gay “cure”, I am curious to see the efforts toward enforcing it.

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@Sneki95 Fair point, the article did not explicitly mention the Pope. However I do recall him making such statements in the past of a similar nature. There is a good chance that if the Catholic Church overall support this position, Francis probably does do.

But you have supplied some very insightful answers here, thank you for your responses. Very informative

However I should point out that the whole “who am I to judge” remake has been contradicted by Francis many many times. He’s really not a very consistent individual at all.

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Pope Francis is no progressive where gay issues are concerned. I wish people would stop presenting him in a heroic light. He is the leader of the Catholic Church, and he picks and chooses bits of the dogma to defend, just like any other person whose religion values words from a book over actual morality.

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