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Villain or super hero, how would three of your neighbors end up with super powers?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) September 24th, 2016

Think of three of your neighbors, or coworkers if you don’t know your neighbors or they live too far away, if they woke up with the powers of Superman, would they be like Superman or would they use those powers to take over and control as much as possible?

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The old couple living above me are Jehovah Witnesses. They might wake up with the ability to brain wash further people, and I would have to use my super power to stop them.

My work mates would all wake up with even MORE super powers (because they all already have the super powers to look after babies for 8 hours a day) and they would use their super powers for good. We might grow extra arms so we can carry and feed and hug more little people at once. Extra arms and hands certainly wouldn’t go amiss during some of the more challenging diaper changes. Sometimes our laps are big enough, so we might have to grow the ability to hold more babies on our laps. Perhaps the ability to stretch our arms like rubber to catch one falling over across the room.

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Who can predict in advance the answer to such a question? Just insert your arm into the bag of platitudes and…..ah! :“power corrupts” or “hope for the best, expect the worst.”

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This is several different questions and I’m not sure which to answer:

“Would your neighbors end up as heroes or villains”
“How would three of your neighbors become superheroes?”
“If your neighbors woke up like Superman what would they do?”

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^ “Would your neighbors end up as heroes or villains”
These days I know people hardly know their neighbors in any real sense, but people do have some clues based off observation or limited interaction. I had a friend who had neighbors to her right that if they woke with the ability of Superman, the world had best hope to find a boatload of Kryptonite quick.

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