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If you had powers like Superman, do you think you could maintain a positive and friendly personality? Would you be able to avoid a superiority complex?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) October 24th, 2008

I was just wondering if it would be possible to be him, with all of his abilities, and not get to where you felt superior and wanted to take over the world. How would you maintain friendships, and relationships, if everyone else was weak, could get sick, etc, while you just continue on for eons, with all of your powers. Is that what makes him a hero?

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I already have a hard enough time maintaining a positive and friendly personality. (It’s amazing what working in Customer Service will do to a person.) Perhaps having superpowers would make me feel above it all, and therefore more able to relate to people simply because they would no longer be able to affect me in some ways.

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If anything, knowing me, I’d find some way to feel inferior. “Why am I different? I don’t want to be an alien!” Then again, I do already hate most people, so I think saving a lot of them might be difficult for me – unless I was saving children and animals…

I dunno. I don’t think I’d have a problem not thinking I was superior. I definitely wouldn’t want the powers to begin with, so I think that might be a big reason why.

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This reminds me of the old joke:
A man goes to a bar at the top of a high rise and orders a drink. As he begins to take a sip, the guy sitting next to him says, “Hey. I bet you 50 bucks this drink I have here will allow me to jump out of the window, glide around, and safely land back inside this bar without ever hitting the ground.” The other man doesn’t believe him, and ignores him. But two drinks later, the guy asks the same question. This time the man takes the bet. “Fine,” he says, “Jump out of the window. See if I care.”
And the guy does. He glides safely back into the bar. Astounded, the man says, “That’s amazing! Give me one of those drinks, bar man!”
He drinks the drink, jumps out of the window, and falls to his death.
The bar man says, “You’re a real jerk when you’re drunk, Superman.”

I think it would be impossible to have all those powers, and only use them for good.

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What do you mean if?

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If you have seen the Family Guy were Peter goes to Hell (I think it is Peter) and he meets Superman, that would be me.
I can’t find a Youtube link so I’ll explain the joke, (and thus, making it not funny, or “less funny”)
Peter goes to hell and is stand by a table with Hitler, Stalen, Superman, and someone else who is really bad, let’s say Mansion (The lunitic that made a bunch of people kill other people, not the cross-dressing, cowboy song writer)
Peter asks, “Woah, Superman? What are you going here?”
Superman says, “I killed a Whore, she made a joke about me being faster then a speeding bullet and I broke her neck.”
Thus, Me+Super Powers=Above Joke^

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I would just show off to my cat, that would be enough.

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I believe that I would honestly try to remain the down to earth person like I am today. If I had an occasion to use superpowers for humanitarian reasons, I would do so but not in a way that would alienate me from others or make me look like I’m trying to be better than them. I’m a pretty humble person and I’ll really have no reason to ever view myself as superior to anyone else.

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Ok, I’m a comic fan and I just wrote a page-long answer. Which probably isn’t what you’re looking for… so my response is both yes and no. I would be more qualified than some and less qualified than many, many, more to be trusted with this sort of power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I would try to do good and inadvertently would do vast amounts of harm. I would try to stop a speeding train and everyone inside would be killed by the impact. I would then try more social driven solutions and inadvertently create a socialistic society devoid of personal or public liberties. Supermen are never the answer! Absolute physical or mental perfection are ‘utopia’ idealistic farces. In my opinion, it is an unfortunate conclusion that the human mind can dream such beautiful dreams and yet are such a base backbiting species that we cannot be trusted with any power, even that which can improve our own lives.

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I would think it would be hard. I bet people annoy the heck out of you, wanting them to do stuff for them all the time. I would definitely not want people to know who I am.

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I would even try. I smash all the stupid ppl around me and end up a super villian.

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I would, because if I had such powers I would know it was He who gave them to me and if I did evil with it, He would take it away.

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