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How many of these pictures of animals photobombing do you think were photoshopped?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) September 30th, 2016
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I haven’t looked for any discrepancies in perspective, shadowing, or outlining, so I can’t even guess at this time.

However, I thought 41 was hilarious. Not only do the relative positions of the dog and the woman give the appearance that she has a dog’s nose and mouth, but their similar colorings (white and auburn) enhance the delightful illusion. :-)

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I’d wouldn’t say 43 was photoshopped, but it does look posed.

I.e., I think the photo was shot with the girls standing in front of a gorilla photo. None of the lighting on them is seen on the gorilla, even though the gorilla is close behind.

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44 definitely looks bombed, unless there’s some dog-seal hybrid I don’t know about. ;-)

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Post edit:

44 definitely looks shopped, not bombed.

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I think most of them are either shopped or staged.

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