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How can I make a super great SLOTH Halloween costume?

Asked by deni (23141points) October 16th, 2009

I do not mean Sloth from Goonies. I mean sloth the adorable little tree-dwelling animal. I’m going nuts trying to figure out how to do this. I can’t find fabrics that work. I thought of maybe looking for like, a gray jogging suit and then buying some fuzzy brown fabric and cutting strips out or something and sewing them all over but I don’t want to look like an idiot, I want it to look good. I have high standards for my Halloween costumes every year and this year will be no exception. Any ideas? Anything is welcome…ideas for the face, color, fabric, nails….I feel like this question might not get many responses hahhah

PS my friend and I are being a sloth and an ant eater. Isn’t that hilarious? However if this falls through it’s Cookie Monster and Snuffleupagus which should be just about as equally hard to make…if not harder…ugh

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<ponders> How do people dress up as Ewoks? Because I feel like that might have some relevance.

It looks like plush is the fabric of choice for Ewok costumes.

Um…have you asked around on some of the furry forums?

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I will google sloth and get back to you. I don’t have a mental image stored in my head. But it does sound like a difficult one!

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Couldn’t you get a koala costume and modify it? You might want to add a tree to the costume, because no one would probably recognize a sloth without it hanging off a branch.

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did you see this site, there are lots of pics there

They are differcolors. I would get fake fur and make myself a jump suit like thing and paint some stripes on the back. The face is going to be hard. They have human like eyes. We just made some raven heads with latex on a mold, that would probably work.

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I see a problem for you because the defining traits of a sloth (at least in popular conception) are speed of movement and position. Unless you are hanging down from something (a tree branch, ideally) and in absolute slo-mo, how will people know what you are? How many people can describe a sloth apart from these traits and the claws? You might have to look harder at Plan B.

If you have to be a pair, you and your friend, tell us more about the party you are going to. Will they recognize literary figures? comic book characters? politicians? historical figures? Recognition depends a lot on context.

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@Jeruba You are right, I thought about the fact that people might not recognize me, but I thought regardless it would be funny. The nails would be a defining characteristic and maybe something with the eyes…they have weird eyes like @rooeytoo said. I jokingly told a friend today that I was going to crawl slowly around the party while I’m in costume so people are more likely to guess what I am hahah.

@rooeytoo GOD did you notice how cute sloths are? Thanks for that site, I hadn’t seen it! Some of them are almost green-ish…

Oh, but also, @Jeruba, we don’t have to be a pair, we do want to though. I don’t know much about the party we’re going to but I think anything remotely famous would be recognized by everyone. While I’m looking for sloth material I’ve also had my eye out for fuzzy blue Cookie Monster material, which I think might be a little easier to come by.

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I found this if its any help , it just lets you know what you need .

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—”@rooeytoo GOD did you notice how cute sloths are? Thanks for that site, I hadn’t seen it! Some of them are almost green-ish…”

I think I’ve read that they can get algae or something like it growing on them.—

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I must watch too much Diego, because I could identify a sloth easily, even if it were person standing upright. how creepy!
I don’t know. I think it’s a very creative and interesting costume though…quite the opposite of the sexy costumes most girls wear! lol

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Idea = Could you be a sloth and your friend be the tree? Maybe he/she could sport a long branch that you could hang on to? (Probably not dangle from unless s/he is much bigger than you. :-))

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I was going to reply,
but then I read the first sentence…
“I do not mean Sloth from Goonies.”
pshh I’m out.

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Slightly off-topic: seen the film Seven? One could go as sloth. Eeek.

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@casheroo ha! i have been thinking how funny it will be that i’m going to be this big puffy sloth and probably every other girl will be a sexy police officer or a playboy bunny. but that just isnt my style. i prefer fun. :p

@NewZen EW

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@patg7590 I take it you saw the flick? @deni

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@ccrow They are green because they move SO slowly…they grow algae I did a paper on them a loooong time ago

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@NewZen one of my favorite movies…its so good!

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a GREAT costume I can not do because it was done last year is Amelia Erhart pre-mortem or post-mortem.
A girl at school went at Amelia Erhart postmortem and her date was Charles Lindbergh alive.

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@deni _Scared the crap out of me. I actually turned away at that scene, and the one with the guy and the prostitute with the…. ugh… I’m shuddering…

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That is such a fantastic idea! I am going to to go away and brainstorm! I’ll be back…

(ETA) I know! How about modifying a hoodie? That way you can attach claws to the sleeves, and use make-up or a mask for the differently textured/patterned face!

Don’t They Look like they’re wearing hoodies tightened around their heads?

I know I’ve seen a material similar to their fur… I just can’t place it. hmmmm

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I would make the claws out of duct-taped wire-frames, or something. Bend the wire into the shape of the claws, tape over it. (black or some other color, not silver.) Maybe masking tape because it is that light tan/beige color most of the sloth claws seem to be.

Maybe inconsistently gray yarn pieces all over the sweatshirt?

Also, if you go with the sweatshirt idea, if you get tired/hot, it’s removable!

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you could get some pvc pipe elbows and cut them with a hack saw that would probably make great claws.

and the hoodie idea sounds good, the back of their head does look like a hoodie pulled tight.

You going to have to post a pic of yourself when you get it finished!!!

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I have an announcement. I searched today for sloth-like material and came up empty, again. Thats when the idea for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong hit me, and it is now the one I will be going with. I love Donkey Kong and I feel this costume will be very representative of myself and a bit easier to make, so DK it is! I love you all and thank you for the excellent suggestions…maybe next year!!

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Damn and I was all excited about the sloth thing!

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@rooeytoo I was too!!!! But it just wasn’t happening. tear

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awwww. The Sloth dreams are gone. :(

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two weeks before Halloween and you are just now thinking about a costume?

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@Psychedelic_Zebra this is waaaaaaaay early, really!

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Don’t make it too good

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