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Will Russia be held accountable for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) October 4th, 2016

Recently, an investigation into the crash (by the Dutch ) was finished. It concluded that the plane was brought down by a sophisticated antiaircraft missile system of Russian design. There were also reports of witnesses seeing the system moved from Russia into the Crimean peninsula , by pro Russian forces. And subsequently moved back into Russia.

Reports indicate that the weapons system is highly advanced, and it’s complexity negates the possibility of a terrorist, or untrained group using it. Therefore only a group of soldiers well trained in its use could have successfully targeted such a airliner traveling at such altitude and speed.

Over 200 people on board were killed, mostly Dutch citizens.

There were reports of pro Russian troops attempting to remove recovered debris from the wreckage / crash site. Which at the time was hard to reach,as it was in a war zone.

Wars have been started over less. Yes, it was stupid to fly over a war zone, even at that altitude, but Russian forces essentially murdered over 200 civilians. And then it was covered up,as best as possible.

Will anything ever come of this? What can be done, realistically?

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Will they? No.

Should they? Yes

There’s not much leverage that the rest of the world has over Russia. They’re a sovereign state and can (and do) get away with murder all the time.

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No, not unless some grieving relative takes it into their own hands to seek revenge. No government will be willing to confront them.

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Taking on Russia over this or anything else would require a backbone something the Jellyfish who run our country are physically lacking.

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LOL. With Putin in charge? This would be an exercise in futility. The Dutch and Malays are SOL on this one. But, if I had people on that plane, I would certainly consider a very heavy suit against the Malay airline for being so fucking negligent as to choose a flight path over a heavily advertised war zone and endanger the innocent lives of its passengers. And, if I had the money and a law firm that was properly connected, I’d file another suit, highly publicized, against the Russian government, on principle, but I wouldn’t expect much.

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The incident is already regulated to the back pagesa of History. The overwhelming evidence that a Russian rocket downed the plane is insufficient to demonstrate that Russian forces were involved in its deployment. The murky situation of irregular insurgents and militia styled partisans going at one another pretty much guarantees that the decision to fire on the plane was made on the spot by some underling outside the Russian chain of command. This one is already written off as “casualties to the confusions of war”.

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The United States of America fly robot planes with explosive weapons over foreign airspace without a declaration of war, and attack people on the ground, mostly killing people they don’t even mean to kill, who have no connection to the targets. Thousands of people.

Should the USA be held accountable? Yes.

Will they? Yes, though indirectly. Many many more people fear and hate the USA for doing this.

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Should they? Yes
Will they? Probably not.
You know who else should be accountable? The airlines for flying over a war zone, want to know why they chose that path?
They saved $1500 in fuel that was well worth it huh?

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sure, just like the colonies were held accountable for their two illegal wars, their cuban concentration camp, their secret torture camp, their continuing drone terrorism, and their global espionage against private citizens

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