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Does this surprise anyone (in details)?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42453points) October 9th, 2016

This didn’t surprise me a bit. I have more than one story of my own, beginning when I was 12, that I could tell.

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This is not ok.

My own, most recent story: I was in a store in Georgetown, during the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon. A teenage gangbanger rubbed his hand up my thigh and over my buttocks. When I turned and looked at gangbanger, he was making direct eye contact and smirking, just daring me to do something. Although my husband was about 5 feet away, I did nothing. Hubby would have rushed to defend me; gangbanger was with his friends and possibly armed; the situation would have ended very badly.

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I know, right? So many things we don’t tell our husbands.

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^^^ So often, safety and sanity force us to hold back. In my own story, I had to size-up the situation in a fraction of a second and decide what to do. I knew that I could live with what had happened, but that I couldn’t live with getting Paul beaten or killed.

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My first husband would have held me responsible in some way. He was such a jerk.

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No surprises

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^^^ I’m so glad you upgraded to a better guy!

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The one and only time I was publicly groped, I gave the guy a warning. He was drunk, and he had been working his way up and down the club pissing off every woman there.

I said, in no uncertain terms, that if he laid another finger on me I would punch him in his fucking face.

About 20 minutes later he grabbed my shoulders from behind and started talking in my ear. I wrenched away, turned around, and punched him straight in the nose-bridge. He fell backwards out the door of the club. Two of my big scary metal friends dragged him into an alleyway immediately afterwards and threw him into a trash-heap.

Good times.

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The guy is beyond disgusting,and yet the right wing red necks just love him I can’t figure that one out..

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They, too, are disgusting.

I feel so much safer around a bunch of drunken, hairy, mosh-pitting metal heads than I do around any number of “good ol’ boys”.

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I’m not surprised but saddened by the different accounts of molestations cases described by varied age groups in the hands of various psychopaths. It starts right from childhood and continues for life. This is really sickning.Felt really bad.

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