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What is the best clean, quick and painless way to die?

Asked by i2182266 (7points) November 12th, 2018

I’d like to say first that I’m not suicidal, depressed or anything. I am practicing my writing skills by creating short stories and I would want a character to kill herself in a quick, clean and painless way.

A gun to the head is definitely a no, so as hanging, sleeping pills, carbon monoxide poisoning, trains, jumping off the roof… Any other ideas? Poison is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Sleep In a hot tub.

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I heard of a guy once that put on a lead weighted vest and walked into a lake. He drowned, was difficult to find, and wouldn’t have surfaced again. Clean, quick….painless? I don’t know. They say drowning is euphoric at the end, but never went there personally.

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Instant vaporisation caused by exposure to nuclear explosion.

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Nobody knows, because those smiley face pain scale reports are real hard to collect from the other side.

I can sympathize with your quest, though… for a decade I was writing that same story in my head. That’s what I told myself, anyway.

Seriously, though, I doubt any method of death is truly painless. We feel pain in our central nervous system (brain), and nobody can tell how long those nerves keep shooting out frantic pain messages in the event of an emergency system shutdown. Just because someone can’t tell you they’re in pain doesn’t mean they don’t feel it.

This may be of interest:

The search for a more humane execution is flawed because there’s no such thing

As an aside, mystery authors are so hung up on finding a clever twist way to commit murder without anyone finding out whodunnit. The perfect crime. But what I wanted so badly was a way to commit suicide without being found out.

Your average Joe will fake an accident, but my fantasy was to fake a murder. That is, to have a character die by their own actions, and have someone they hated take the fall for it.

Inception had a pretty cool take on this.

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Also an insulin overdose.

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As someone who almost drowned in my younger days, I never reached the euphoric point & I can tell you that what I experienced was VERY painful!!!

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@LadyMarissa I’ve almost drowned twice. Once in a river in winter and second in a hot tub. I felt at peace.

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Drug overdose in your sleep.

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^ The OP requested NO sleeping pills, so I took drug overdose out of the equation. It may be painless, but it’s NOT always quick & also NOT always effective!!!

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It’s not about sleeping pills. It’s about things that put you to sleep, PERMANENTLY! Being in bed makes it comfy!

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Furnace systems and chimneys.
Kerosene heaters.
Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.
Gas ranges.
Appliances fueled by gasoline.
Gas-fueled space heaters.

All of the above, (purposely) wrongly used/installed/leaking.
Carbon monoxide.

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My 99-year-old aunt dozed off in her favorite chair for her afternoon nap and simply didn’t wake up. I think that’s just about the best clean, quick and painless way to die. It’s not suicide, though.

Stopping something that keeps you from dying might be better than taking a positive action that causes death. A lot of people depend on some sort of device or medication. Not all effects are catastrophic (such as inability to breathe); some are just quiet failure.

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Clearly those who die in their sleep do so without pain, distress or even conscious awareness.
That pretty much answers the question perfectly.

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My great grandfather came up missing one day in 1917. Everyone searched high and low, all over the farm, but he couldn’t be found. Finally, someone thought to look in the outhouse, and there he was!

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What a shitty way to go.

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No, just his time. Probably a heart attack. Maybe a heart attack while squeezing one out…

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A large percentage of males die from a heart attack while sitting on the toilet during that first dump of the morning!!!

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Ah! There’s the rub! But we digress…

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I saw a suicide service where they put people in a chamber and fill it with nitrogen gas. Supposed to lose consciousness then die from lack of oxygen.

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@RocketGuy I think that nitrogen poisoning is like the bends. It might hurt a lot.

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No, bends is when you go into high pressure air then go to lower pressure quickly. This service is all at regular air pressure. People die that way accidentally all the time. This place charges you money to do it, and you get to push the button yourself.

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Sudden cardiac arrest is quick I hear…
The lights go out and you aren’t aware that you hit the floor!

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