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Is there any annoying habit of your s/o that you hate?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) October 14th, 2016

Did you pointed it out to him / her? Was it fruitful in any ways?

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His tendency to get irate over the most minor annoyances. Like, it used to be that if he saw something on TV that he might want to watch and clicked on it, only to find it’s a channel we don’t subscribe to, he’ll heave heavy, angry sighs and gesture angrily with the remote.
Well, I told him there was really no point in doing that. It accomplishes nothing but to stress him out.
So, when I have the remote, and I land on a channel we don’t get, I don’t react, except for a shrug that says, “Meh.” Then I’ll say, “Look! I didn’t even get mad!”
A couple of times of that kind of demonstration and he actually quit wasting his energy getting angry.

He’s also backed off of his aggressive driving, although it’s taken a lot of years of pointing out options other than charging up on people, impatiently trying to pass, when he could simple chill for a minute and we’d be at our destination.

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he barks a lot.

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in addition to her mere existence?

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She has to have me with her whenever she leaves the house, even if it’s just down the street.

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His tendency to leave the bathroom door wide open and lock eye contact with me as he goes #2

just kidding…kind of

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^^Lol.. really?

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Sure. She’s a huge slob. It’s like living with a frat-guy (and I’m a big neat freak).

Have I mentioned it? Hundreds of times.

Has it made any difference? Not one tiny bit.

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She wears an initialed napkin when giving me a blowjob, gold stitching…rather offputting but there you go.

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Hate is too severe. Experience has convinced me that no woman is satisfied with her spouse the way he is. Something needs changing. Men may suffer the same compulsion but the difference is that women do not hesitate to announce and run to ground whatever flaws are perceived and will do so as frequently as required. Men unfortunately tend to keep their complaints to themselves. They don’t gripe. They just take it for as long as they can, then leave.

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What you perceive as nagging or griping may be women trying to, y’know, actually deal with problems they perceive, rather than brushing them under the rug until they bottle up and, as you say, can’t take it anymore and leave.

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We run out of things to nag about if the guy actually does what he says he’s going to do. I don’t see me running out of things to nag about any time soon.

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He talks too much, a lot of the time. As a result to save my sanity I have to tune him out sometimes. Then he gets mad at me for not listening. But seriously dude you told me that same story four times since you got home an hour ago. I know Colt is a lazy bum and I know he’s a bad worker and yes he blahblahblah…

Between my husband and my son I hardly get a moment of silence.

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That too! Talks during movies, talks when I’m trying to leave the room, talks talks talks. His whole family does that! We were at a family thing and he came and said, “Are you ready to go?”
I said, “Now, or 30 minutes from now?” Cuz he’ll spend 30 minutes or an hour just saying good bye!

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I’m not saying women are harpys or men are victims. I knew my comments would win me no friends. Indeed, the odds are that the reason the fellas remain mute is because they have no defense. But the dynamic and results play out nevertheless, and there’s this abrupt ending that not even close friends see coming.

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I told my first husband, loud and clear, to clean up his act or else. He didn’t. Then acted just shocked when I filed for divorce.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t have a stereotypical husband/wife relationship. Are we the only people who actually communicate our problems to each other without fighting? Really?

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No, but I fear you lie outside the norm these days, as do most long term relationships.

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Anyway, the only annoying habit Matt has that I can think of is sometimes explaining things to me as though he thinks I don’t understand when I really do.

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@Seek No, my wife and I never fight. We dual with sarcasm and humor. It gets the point across without fighting.

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@Seek No, my husband and I are the same way.

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