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Is Trump finally getting rattled?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) October 16th, 2016

He has nothing but contempt for everyone, and seems careless and dismissive of all criticisms, but he wasn’t happy with the recent, spot-on SNL skit of the most recent debate.

Is he finally cracking?

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Not now, he started getting rattled weeks ago.

The man has no sense of humor. There is no evidence of him really laughing. His smirks and smiles aren’t laughter,

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No. I seriously believe he’s topping out on coke. His handlers will insist he gets some sleep, then he’ll be back like a raging bull. That’s his pattern.

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He is rattled. He used to be able to deride his opponent, and redirect the attack. Now, he can’t get out of the way of the very things he has said and done.

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Reality is setting in. Just one example; Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says he won’t have anything to do with the Trump campaign.

And Trump can’t handle criticism or what he sees as disloyalty. He’s angrily Tweeting, calling Ryan “weak and ineffective.”

LOL angry crybaby getting in Twitter slap fights.

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How would you know? Judging from his pronouncements and tirades, it would be more accurate to declare Trump confined to a state of perpetual irritation. He’s a guy who’s “rattled” around the clock.

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Irrelevant IMNSHO:

Loose cannon Trump is a better alternative to Clinton.

Yes, Clinton is that bad that nearly anyone else is the better choice.

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I’m afraid in February if Trump gets elected there will be, a new GOP flag Black, Red and White with a Swastika in the middle.

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That Trump is talking about a conspiracy against him rigging the vote indicates that he has seen that his polling numbers are unfavorable. It is a very desperate and dangerous tactic to suggest that the election is rigged. One can only hope that his supporters do not take him seriously.

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Lord, the idiot wants SNL cancelled! If he gets elected he’ll just use the Constitution as toilet paper.

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Finally? This dude has been unhinged for some time. The fact that he can’t wait a few hours before going on a 3 am ranting tweet storm shows he’s been rattled for months. He has the impulse control of a 3 year old.
(I’d like to apologize if I offend all 3 year olds and their mothers.) Clearly not all 3 year olds are this much out of control.

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Oh, yes, I agree @Pandora. I meant “rattled” as in is he actually starting to lose confidence in himself.

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@Dutchess_III Yes. He’s been rattled though since the Democratic Convention. He believed he would have the Best convention ever with A rating stars backing him and all he got was Chachi.

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He’s going down in disgraced flames.

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That kind of “rattled” isn’t possible for Trump, because nothing is ever his fault. He admits to being embarrassed by his statements about “snatching pussy”, but is innocent of impropriety because “all men do it”. In his mind, he is not at fault for his comments. The villains are the the press and his interminable enemies who publicize those comments. When there’s no possibility for denial, the “attack” regardless of its onerous validity is a smear job, always the equivalent of clandestine footage of him wiping his behind.

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