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In the debate last night did Trump hint at sedition if he loses the election?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18834points) October 20th, 2016

Or is he just being an entertainer?

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Trump is a fucking drama queen. He’s right that our election process is totally rigged, but not the way he claims. Trump is the biggest pussy on the block. He’s a whiner. He’s a spoiled brat. A cheat. A compulsive liar. He has no control over his emotions. He has not one redeeming value as a human being, much less is he fit for a leadership position. He’s a genuine piece of shit and an embarrassment to the country.

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@Espiritus_Corvus isn’t there a saying that republicans say that government is bad and they keep electing leaders that prove the point.

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Trump’s remarks show he is not fit to vote never mind stand for election.

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Yes, and the worst of it is he has no comprehension or concern about the damage he’s doing—he’s merely trying to save face.

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I love when @Espiritus_Corvus drops some truth. Couldn’t agree more.

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Trump himself can’t really do much. He has no real choice but to accept the result. His talk is a lot of bluster meant to simply pander to his base of troglodytes. The problem is that some of them will take it to heart, and that’s when people get hurt.

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