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Should I call the cops the next time I get groped by an old lady?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) October 20th, 2016

The people getting away with the most inappropriate touching aren’t celebrities and rich people, it’s old ladies. Old ladies are the worst! They will grab anything they want. But what would happen if I called the police because some old lady grabbed my dick? My guess is I would get laughed at. Not the case if you’re a woman reporting a man, 20 years later.

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What exactly is your question?

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What would happen if you reported it? the police would interview you and investigate the matter.

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If you want. It is illegal.

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It’s interesting that you think that women’s complaints of sexual assault are automatically taken seriously just because they come from women.

Five years ago, I was aggressively stalked and harassed by a person who lived in my apartment complex. I had to call the police on him twice. The first time, I tried to tell the officer interviewing me that this person had raped me.

The first words out of the (male) officer’s mouth were, “did he rape you or did you have sex with him?”

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When you say “old,” do you mean over-55?

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You really do have a bug up your ass, don’t you?

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Yes, over 55. They are the gropers.

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Really? How many times has an old lady groped your package?

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In my experience, over 55 year old women are pretty sick of sex!

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I’ m over 55 and have never had the need to grope a young guy.

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@rem1981 I’ve been greatly entertained by your trolling of the past couple of days.

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Yeah…pretty sure he’s an existing older Jelly who just can’t believe women aren’t turned on by the same things men are. Just. Can’t. Believe. It.

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I think it is rude when you term females (or males) over the age of 55 as old.

Now that I have that off my chest. I know how you feel. I’ve been groped at by young men in lifts, stared at on the street, had my boobs commented on in public by young guys and it is bloody annoying. All these people should do community service, or go to prison.

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“Ooh, young man, come & sit on grannies knee”

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Members of the Jelly Fellowship… Please don’t take @rem1981 seriously. Earlier this year, he posted under another identity, complaining about how so many over-50 women were lining up, just desperate to have sex with him. This person is an internet troll who tries to be outrageous and then watches the fallout. Have a good laugh at what he writes and then move onward.

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^Yeah. I already deleted my response.

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No need to call the police. Just tell your mom (aka Sarah Palin) to knock it off. ;-p

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@MrGrimm888 Ah! so you secret lust over the over 50s?

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I get the feeling that @rem1981 is actually hoping that if he decides to call the cops that they will have a grope as well. Perhaps he has a thing about uniforms?

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Try again. I wouldn’t even let a line form. My questions are based on the demographic of frequent member’s comments. I’d much rather ask a question like “who do you think gets the Celtics 15th spot on the roster”? But I don’t, because it will get zero responses. My next question will have nothing to do with babyboomers.

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