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Why doesn't Time magazine call it Newsmaker of the Year instead of Person of the Year?

Asked by flo (12974points) December 8th, 2016

It seems to make people think that the magazine picked the best person of the year. The fact that Trump said “I’m honored” proves it. By the way isn’t Time one of the magazines that he finds dishonest?

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The fact that Trump said “I’m honored” proves only that he thinks that’s what it means. He used to denigrate Time because he didn’t get the cover.

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I think your suggestion is a good one, but several decades too late.

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I like your suggestion.

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I think that’s a great idea!

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At least they are moving in that direction.
It used to be called “Man of the Year”

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But don’t you all think it’s been suggested before? I’m willing to bet it has been.

@canidmajor “that Trump said “I’m honored” proves only that he thinks that’s what it means”
Trump is not only one who thinks/thought that it’s a compliment. Most of his supporters probably do. All these decades the majority of people probably did, esp. before they knew that Hitler and Stalin were too. Even some anti-Tumpers do too I’m sure. And I don’t blame anyone for being mislead by it. Think of Employee of the Month, Teacher of the Year etc.

Did Matt lauer ask him if he knows that Hitler and Stalin were on it? If so what was his answer?

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….Not just they, but I too thought it was a compliment before I was informed that the didn’t mean it that way, and about Hitler and Stalin on it.

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I didn’t, because I have seen enough that were newsmakers, not great people. It’s just a matter of interpretation.

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So, it’s not better if they changed it to newsmaker of the Year then? @canidmajor

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It’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just the way they do it. I don’t interpret it the way you do, that’s all.

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