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What would happen to a 6 year old male if he ate 7 birth control pills?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43576points) October 21st, 2016

Or a 6 year old female for that matter.

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A fairly insignificant amount of estrogen would be flushed down the toilet. He might have a stomachache.

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I would ask a doctor. Aren’t we ALWAYS saying “don’t take medical advice from people on the internet?”

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RedDeerGuy said when he was a kid he ate a week’s worth of his sisters BC pills because he thought they were candy. That prompted this Q.

If one of my kids had actually done that, then of course I’d call the doctor.

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He would never conceive a child for the rest of his life.

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His sperm cells would actually kill egg cells?

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I kinda agree with @Seek but just to be safe I would also do what @jca says as well.

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Nothing happened to me that I can remember.

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@SQUEEKY2 It didn’t happen to my kids. It happened to @RedDeerGuy1.

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I never said it happened to anyone just saying how I agreed with people on how they would handled it, how I would handle it.

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My guess is nothing much would happen. Worth a phone call to poison control or your doctor I guess to be sure. But, by the time you call and talk to someone it will be almost all absorbed probably. Such little pills.

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