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How does meth make you feel?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) October 25th, 2016

I did some drugs in my younger days
but that has been 40 years ago. I hear
about meth but do not know much about it
only that you can easily get hooked on it.
Will someone explain what it is and how
you take it and how it makes you feel?

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I don’t know from personal experience, but there is some pretty vivid description of the making, taking, and experiencing of it in Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome. I took his account to be authentic.

I do know that they say it’s harder to break a meth addiction than any other.

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It just gives you tons of energy, happiness, etc. When you smoke meth you feel very productive and creative, it will make you stay up all night.

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Easily hooked? Not really true, but I guess everyone is different. Tried it a few times, no biggie, but my mind is strong so never been addicted to any drugs/alcohol. I’ve never been addicted to anything in my life.

We were bratty upper class rich kids doing it more so for artistic/creative reasons (i’m in the art, film and fashion scene). So it was more to expand consciousness & creativity rather than just getting high to get fucked up for no purpose.

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Hyper focused. The only times I have ever been able to read a book in a single evening were when I was on meth. The books were Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and The Drunkard’s Walk by Leonard Mlodinow. Both are exceptional works of literature that would normally take me weeks to finish.

It also made me extremely paranoid that the police were about to bust down my door, though, so that kind of took all the fun out of it.

@FlutherBug I’ve heard that actually only about one person in eight who tries meth becomes addicted to it. I definitely had a harder time getting off alcohol than meth.

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Oh wow, interesting. Yeah definitely hyper-focused is a good way to describe it. Wish I read books when I tried it :(

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@AnonymousAccount8 Could you retain what you read when you were down off it?

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@janbb yes, and I think about those books often. They’re really good books!

Actually, my retention of the books and articles I’ve read while on meth is better than my retention of books I’ve read off meth, because I’m not as easily distracted as I am when I’m sober. That’s why it usually takes me a really long time to finish a book. Meth is chemically similar to the prescription drug Adderall, which a lot of students abuse as a study drug.

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I don’t mean to undersell the fact that meth absolutely is bad for your body and it’s not at all worth risk on your health, social standing, and civil record.

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Thanks for the answers as I didn’t know anyone to ask
and always wondered if it was an upper or downer.
Do you smoke it or is it a tablet or injected…or all three???

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Given that meth is short for methamphetamine, it shouldn’t be surprising that it provides hyperfocus. Drugs for ADD/ADHD are sometimes amphetamine-based.

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Fucking hell. Back in my coke days my buddy Billy and Shauna took me out to dinner at my favorite Italian place here for my b-day. Bonus, Shauna was banging the son of the owner. It was all on the house.

So Bill was all, “lets go out to the van and do some lines.” I assumed cocaine. After the deed was done he disclosed it was actually meth.

There was some initial anger but I thought I would see how things worked out. I got really high. I lost my appetite so our doggy bags were huge. I was super hyper and wanted to fight. I also felt really dirty, like my skin was crawling with maggots.

I would never intentionally do it again.

A similar thing happened on Y2K. Benny gave me a bowl to smoke. After I took a hit he was all “Have you ever smoked crack?” LOL, you just did.

I need better friends.

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@johnpowell so, how was crack?

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So good I am smart enough to never do it again.

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