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What, if anything, would you respond to someone who posts a pro-life video of a supposed 15 week fetus alive in its mother's arms?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 2nd, 2016

I realize once it’s born, it’s no longer a fetus, it’s a baby. I’m calling it a fetus so you don’t think I’m talking about a fifteen week old baby.

Someone on FB posted a video (pro life video) of a baby named Jaxon that was fifteen weeks old. It was placed on top of a blanket (not tightly wrapped like babies are in the maternity ward) and it was to “prove” that a fetus (baby) is a living thing at 15 weeks old.

I commented that I don’t believe the video is accurate because at fifteen weeks after conception, if the baby were to be born, it wouldn’t survive without being hooked up to breathing apparatus, monitors, etc. in an incubator.

Someone wrote “are you a neonatal doctor? I believe it would survive because with GOD all things are possible.”

I considered writing something sarcastic, like if all things are possible I’d like a raise and a bigger house, and then I said to myself “Self, what are you doing? You have a personal policy of trying to avoid arguing on the internet so let this one go.” I wrote “that’s great” and left it.

What, if anything, would you respond to someone who posts a pro-life video of a 15 week old fetus outside the mother’s body, alive in its mother’s arms?

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I would not post anything at all. I would not have read it or watched it. I have my thoughts on pro life and I don’t discuss them with anyone.

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I think you were wise to avoid confrontation. There is no reasoning with pro-birth advocates.

For the record, I watched the video. The baby did not survive.

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That poor baby… I can’t imagine what its short life felt like. I hope it wasn’t in pain.

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@Seek, based on the video, I very much doubt that it survived outside the womb at all, despite the claims of the parents and the pro-life website where the video was posted.

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THIS is a 15 week old fetus that until it died, experienced normal development. You don’t have to be acquainted with medical science to know that a human without open naries or mouth cannot survive outside the mother. If the video showed a living, breathing “fetus” in it’s second trimester living outside it’s mother without constant extraordinary technical assistance, then the video you saw is a sick propaganda hoax. At fifteen weeks, they don;t survive. They can successfully assist 20 week fetuses, but not at 15.

These people are religious idiots relying on not only the lack of education of the masses, but their inability to punch in a few keys and do a search on a respected medical site.

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Yes, you were smart to not fall into the bait of their argument. There is nothing you can say that will change their mind.

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Well, the snark in me wants to respond—if babies can survive outside the womb just fine at 15 weeks, then why the hell do they have to stay in there for another 25 (+/-) weeks?

And then I would be compelled to remind them that an abortion is not about killing the fetus. The abortion is about the women’s right to bodily autonomy, her right to not be forced to have another life plugged into her organs—and yes, the woman’s right to bodily autonomy persists even if the fetus is dependent on her organs. If a fetus is viable outside the womb, the doctors aren’t then going to kill it. The objective (woman’s right to decide what happens to her own body) has been achieved… Which means: The viability of the fetus has very little impact on the pro-choice side of the issue, and should actually make the pro-life side of the issue harder to support.

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@Soubresaut That begs the question. Can a person amputate part of their body if they want legally to remove it ? If I can abort a fetus then why can’t I chop off a leg or arm? It’s my body . should I have that right too?

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@RedDeerGuy1 That is a false argument. Your limbs are part of your body; a fetus is not part of a woman’s body, but is a dependent on the viability of the woman’s life, and taxes her body.

You can maim yourself all you want, if you are of sound mind, as long as you don’t then expect society to support you. And some people have previvor cancer surgery, such as Angelina Jolie.

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@zenvelo Of sound mind. OK so can that be applied to abortions then?

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I voluntarily removed one of my organs that was causing me trouble. No one stopped me.

No one would stop me from removing a tapeworm either, even if that removal meant the death of the tapeworm.

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@Seek Wow! Did it hurt? What organ was it?

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@RedDeerGuy1 A foetus is more analogous to an alien parasite than an appendage. And not just any alien parasite, but one that has around a 1 in 5,500 chance of killing a pregnant woman (in the US).

With odds that short, I’m surprised there aren’t more abortions in the US.

Maybe if the US were to have health outcomes above third-world levels, more women would be less inclined to avoid the considerable risk of childbirth.

As for a snarky response. The best I could think of: “Are you a theologian? Because the miscarriage rate is near 20%, and that’s a lot of babies being aborted by God.”

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@RedDeerGuy1 Please stop trying to set up false equivalences. It is different, quit trying to apply odd logic to a different question.

Go ahead and cut your ear off, or your tongue, or your penis, or your foot. But absent medical reason to do so, a doctor will not assist you in that.

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I would respond by unfriending them. Why would I want to be in contact with this person?

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I’d ignore it. It’obviously fake, and of you take God and miracles to explain something which never happened and could not possibly happen in real life in any possible way, there is no need to argue with you.

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I get rid of people who post stuff like that. Un friend button or ignore all posts from. Too many interesting things to read to have lies and propaganda in my feed.

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I would think redacted.

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