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Now that Youtube is blocking Kremlin backed channels have you noticed any of your subcribed channels missing?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43768points) March 12th, 2022

Youtube has blocked Kremlin backed channels. Yahoo news report

Have you noticed any of your favorite channels missing? Were you subscribed to any?
Were you aware they were backed by the Kremlin and were used to push Russian propaganda and disinformation? Did you help their cause by forwarding their info?

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We had RT until a couple weeks ago, but I think that predated the war – perhaps the end of a contract period.

Comcast ran al-Jazeera about 4–5 years ago but they dropped it at some point because no one watched it.

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No, all my channels are still there.
I am not subscribed to any political or news-channels.

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I subscribe to the funny animals & cute baby channels with very few news channels. I do have a few comedy channels. The most news I get, I find on Fluther when responding to Q’s here. IF any of mine have been removed, I haven’t noticed. Dayum you, now I’ll have to pay attention!!!

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No. All nos to all questions.

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None of mine either. I guess Russia isn’t interested in spreading propaganda bout piano chords.

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Nope, but I don’t watch crap. :P

Maybe some of my dirtbag left podcasts will disappear soon… ;)

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After responding here, I got to thinking & went to YT & looked down my subscribed channels to see if I noticed any missing. Not a one, however, I did find many that were no longer appealing to me so I unsubscribed to a bunch of needless trash. Guess I should say thank you for motivating me into action!!!

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