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What to put on my ATM card?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) August 5th, 2008

I’m opening a new account at a bank, and part of the offer is that I can pick my own picture for my ATM card. Since I couldn’t think of anything personal to put on there, I figured I’d ask the Fluther community for something funny, cool or otherwise appropriate image to put on the card.

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A jellyfish, of course.

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A radical lightening bolt.

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A sivatherium playin’ a face melting guitar solo on the back of a robotic shark in space.

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A cake, of course.

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money money money money

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Ooh, I like the money idea.

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Fluther ATM cards, that sounds coooool!!!

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Since I’m wandering the wastelands of xkcd, how about putting a comic from there on your card?

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not a jellyfish the jellyfish

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A piggy bank, to remind you that every time you use it, you’re spending real money…
A $, to remind you to treat it just like cash…
An umbrella, to remind you to save for a rainy day…
ok, now I’ve made myself ill

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I think Dr.J would look wonderful on an ATM card.

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I like the cake and money-related stuff, but xkcd is an excellent idea! Especially since it’s licensed under Creative Commons (though then again: non-commercial? :P).

Now I only need to find an appropriate one :)

MrMeltedCrayon’s idea might be very cool too, if only I knew what it was/looked like ;-)

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Portraits of famous Roman leaders?

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I have nothing with Roman leaders, really :P

For anybody willing to help me decide which xkcd to use: I’ve bookmarked my shortlist. I like artificial intelligence-related ones because I’m going to study A.I., but just a funny one is nice too. I just can’t decide…

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i have a picture of my ibanez guitar on it, and a signature of paul gilbert on the back

postbank maakt het je enkel moeilijker…al die keuzes

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Dit is bij de SNS bank, dat is tenminste gratis ;-)

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oei, idd, 10 euro ofzo, belachelijk

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I vote for the Escalators one. It’s a single panel, meaning it’ll be large enough to fit on a card and still be legible. Plus it’s neither low-brow nor excessively organic and hence you’d always be proud to whip it out.

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I vote for a little bit of dit and a little bit of dat, oei.

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If you include your own photo in it somehow, you won’t have to pull out your ID every time you use it and it will be more secure.

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@see: A copy of your drivers license or ID on your credit card. Not practical, but darn funny.

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@tekn0: you left out first born child. They used to always ask for a phone number, but that was outlawed, at least here. I had a friend who was stalked because of that (someone standing in line overheard it and started calling her). Thereafter she gave another number and it was never question, but at least she was safe.

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@tekn0lust – whaha, that’s extremely funny indeed. The photo thing might be handy but I don’t really like putting my own face on the card. I think I’m going for the puzzle one though, if it isn’t denied and uploading works.

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Megan Fox.

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