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Do you have wi-fi range extender in your home?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) November 6th, 2016

Which model it is and how’s the performance?

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My father does – he has a Netgear 6300 router and a Netgear range extender.WN2500RP. Works very well. He’s in a condo and trying to get the signal through two concrete walls. It works quite well.

When he set it up, he said it took a little time to get it to synch at installation, but since then it has been rock solid.

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My father does as well he has a huge house and the signal was very weak in some parts of the house but now he has no problem, next time I talk to him I will ask what make it is.

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I use cables.

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I have a cable for the TV set and I have a Netgear Wifi extender for the backyard.

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I use a Netgear WNR2000×2.
It works well, all the way to the street, which is over 100 ft away, through plenty of trees.

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I have, linksys and it works pretty well. I have no complaints.

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No. My1400 sq ft, 2-story house is well covered by my wireless router alone.

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^^ really? That’s great! So you’re saying there’re no dead spots in your house? Which router is it?

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@imrainmaker, it’s an Arris from Time-Warner. I even have coverage in my detached garage behind my house, and in both my front and back yards.

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I’ve had a Linksys EA4500 for 4 years now. Works great I’ve got a signal at the end of the driveway, 75 feet and two interior walls and an external wall. Also good signal 100 feet in backyard with one interior wall and an external. Dual band if that makes a difference.

We have to use a Linksys/Cisco router for my wife to connect on VPN for the company she works for from home.

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@imrainmaker, My linksys also covers my whole house with no dead spots. I have it down in the basement which includes the garage. My home is 3 stories, 1900 square feet townhome. No dead spots in my back yard or even front. I can walk with my phone for about half a block and I won’t lose connection to my internet.

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