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How can we survive Trump (details inside)

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18128points) November 9th, 2016

Ok, I know we’ve had a rough time when the sunovabitch Trump won. So now why don’t we gather here and share our survival tips before this apocalypse? Apart from moving to other countries, what can we still do?

Humor and serious answers welcomed. Rants welcomed. We need to chill out a bit or our heads will explore!

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Hope that the republican (?) congress deploy some common sense?

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I plain on riding out the next few years by spending every waking minute properly sloshed. If I still have a functioning liver in four years time then Trump has ether succeed or failed as a president (I’m not sure which yet).

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^FUCK YEAH . Here’s to you @Darth_Algar , and @Mimishu1995 .

Bottoms up.

I’m wasted…..

@Lightlyseared . Republican party and common sense are paradoxes.

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I’m wondering how many Democrats held their votes because they didn’t like Hillary. As Steve Harvey said on the radio the other day, “A held vote is a vote for Trump.”

I’m disheartened and disgusted right now. I wanted to go back to sleep after waking up at 4 a.m. to see who the new President is, but I think at this point it’s not happening.

As a mother of a daughter I really wanted a candidate who is pro-choice. As a civil servant, I really wanted a candidate who is pro- union and labor friendly. As someone who appreciates public parks and nature’s unspoiled beauty, I really wanted a candidate who would preserve those things for future generations. I don’t understand how someone who is working class or middle class could vote for Trump. Trump who mocks the disabled, talks about grabbing women by the pussy, someone so undiplomatic, such a buffoon and now he’s our leader.

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As they say in my country, turn your worries into a party. (my translation)
So buy a bottle of cheap wine from the store, turn on some tradional, cheesy music (bonus points if it’s bad) and dance on the table until you run out of wine (and every other alcohol in the house).

There isn’t much you can do, especially if you don’t live in the US.

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@Sneki95 that’s what I’m doing right now. I have an appointment with some friends (it was planned before), and while they chill out I come here. Still can’t take my mind out of this nightmare completely.

Hope that this isn’t the end of peace in my country and this isn’t the last time I can party like this.

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Marijuana just got legalized in MA so at least I can spend the next four years high as fuck if that’s what it comes to.

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It’s probably of little comfort. But I think the election is always rigged. There is NO way this election was legit.

It basically means that no Latinos, Blacks,sensible whites, Gays, Women, or people of color voted.

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Oh, don’t worry. Back in the 90s, there was a horrible situation here. It didn’t stop people from spending their days in the pubs (or being really high. It was a golden age of psytrance and lsd, among other stuff)

If the song really hits you, take a glass or a porcelain plate and slam it on the ground. It feels good.

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Now we have two Putins in the world

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Play nice with the party of Twiddle Dumb for four years until we have the chance to vote a better person like Sanders or Cruz next time.

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Use the same survival methods you used with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama. They still work.

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This is pretty much what happened when Reagan was elected only not as drastic. One thing republicans are united in is their hatred for Hillary, you can put me in that boat. We all knew polling numbers were skewed left by the media reports but I was even surprised when he took Florida. Now I have to listen to four years of liberals whining and that orange demagogue feed us bullshit. As I sit here this morning wildfires are burning nearby and the smoke is so thick I had my headlights on while commuting to work. I feel like I’m watching the world burn but perhaps not as quickly than if Hillary took it. We collectively decided between two evils, hope we chose correctly.

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@Sneki95 thank you, you are so comforting. I almost forgot that you had experience in war survival. My friends and I are still partying hard. They aren’t interested in politics and wouldn’t understand why I’m so upset. Well, in the worst case scenario, I hope I can still have some peace and quiet to bury my head in film noir (all kinds of drugs are illegal in my country)

A little request: could we hold virtual hands during this time? ~ Europe is going to be affected too.

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You’re welcome.
Just have a good time with friends and forget politics for now. We may as well be making a mountain out of a molehill, who knows? Time’ll tell.

gives a virtual hand, just in case

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You’re not going to hear anything funny from me.
I find it almost unbearable this morning to face the prospect of having to see and hear this creature for years to come, and to witness and likely experience the harm he and his ilk will cause to my country and the world.

All I want to do is stay in bed and never again watch the news.

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All these world leaders congratulating Trump, that must sting…a lot

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My daughter put it this way: “I’m faced with voting for a vindictive criminal or a two year old. What a horrible choice!”

However bad Trump is, Pence hopefully will mellow him out.

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How can you survive?
Well, i’ve had a word with our staff & they’re more than willing to accommodate guests from across the pond, so…& you know who you are, get on over to my place :)

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So now it is over, Trump won and it has to be accepted by all Americans. Hopefully he will do right by the country and if it appears that he is truly trying to do right, we need to stand behind him. Because we have him for 4 years.

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Unbelievable we have to look at him and his orange hair and his entitled kids for at least four years, hopefully not eight.

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@ucme thank you :) I wish I had enough money to move though ~

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I’ll just keep reminding myself that at least the Queen of Corruption is not Persistent.

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“Queen of Corruption” – see, overwrought hyperbole like this is why no rational person takes you folks seriously.

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As difficult as it is, I have to be optimistic. Hope that all his bluster was only that, designed to win the election. Hope that if he’s really as radical as he came across during the campaign, that some of the more moderate elements of the Republican Congress will reign him in. Hope that in two years the American people will see the damage that will have been done, and provide him with Congressional checks and balances as they did for his immediate predecessor.

Mostly, though, I’ll take care of myself and my family the best I can, and continue to stay politically active at the local level.

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@Darth_Algar Oh like everyone on Fluther generates such kind descriptions of now President Elect Trump. And Mrs. Clinton is an angle who is innocent of any corruption or appearance of corruption. You crack me up. You can’t be serious.

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With one you have the presumption of corruption based on more than two decades of hearsay and smear tactics. With the other you have the countless things he’s on record actually saying.

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@Darth_Algar I wonder how can you separate with 100% certainty the wheat from the chaff. How do you find the truth from a world filled with propaganda? Haven’t you ever got the feeling that all so called facts/truth is at least a little and likely extremely tainted?

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Certainly, but I’ve also witnessed the non-stop campaign of character assassination that has been waged against Hillary Clinton from the moment her husband was elected. Personally I try to view the wall under the shit that’s been flung at it. Some folks overlook the wall for the shit. Oh, and if you’re looking for a politician who’s totally clean and pure you’re never going to find it.

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@Darth_Algar _ non-stop campaign of character assassination that has been waged against Hillary Clinton_


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@Darth_Algar It was posted in support of your previous post!

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Ah, gotcha. Sometimes hard to tell tone or intent over the internet.

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@Darth_Algar It can be a little difficult to type in-flec-tion!~

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Who is still having a rough time? I had not had one from day one, but i do have s’mores for those who still are…......(or maybe not….)

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I am relieved somewhat that many municipalities are stating that they will not be enforcing immigration law, so there will be no rush to deport “just because”. President-Elect Trump seems to be backing away from some of his more extreme rhetoric. I am still concerned about the Supreme Court, and also about the Republican congress.

That being said, Donald Trump has been elected as President of the US. As with any other elected official, I will support him when he is acting in what I see as the best interest of the country, and oppose him when I disagree with his decision.

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We will survive Trump just like we survived Obama. But hopefully Pence will bring some sanity to the mix.

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As I’ve said to my conservative friends – I will show Donald Trump just as much support and respect as they’ve shown Barack Obama.

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