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How much do you pay monthly on internet?

Asked by lily (83points) August 5th, 2008

i’m broke and i need it!

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I pay $55 per month (CDN)

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I pay 30 bucks for a highspeed broadband (6.3 mbps) downloads from optimum online.

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$40 a month + fedeal regulatory fees so about 45ish a month for Comcast cable.

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My parents pay the Internet bill but I believe we have a 1 year contract with Verizin DSL that costs about $20 with broadband speeds.

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Do any of you bundle w/ home line or cable?

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Yeah actually my home phone line is also provided by Verizon but the TV is hooked up to Dish Network, which I really hate.

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I do. At home, I have a cable + telephone + internet bundle for 90 bucks

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Damn, I only pay 30 Euros per Month for ADSL 2+ (24 Mbps), TV, telephone unlimited in 45 countries.

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My internet and cable are tied in as well. It’s around $80 a month for me.

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Randy and Mirza, who is the provider?

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We pay roughly $55 for Comcast here in FL. That is just basic cable w/box and the standard internet package. It has been fairly reliable, which is nice.

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BTKO : what is CDN?

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Optimum Online – I think they are owned by cablevision

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Canadian Dollar :)

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we pay like $120 for cable, Internet, wireless Internet and telephone with time warner cable

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This is highway robbery but I pay $168/month through Cox for cable and internet access. Of course I’m a movie junkie and have HBO, TMC, Showtime and Stars so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Seems high compared to everyone else even without the movie fiesta – internet alone is $48

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@lily- I’m with suddenlink.

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I have High Speed Cable, and Cable TV through Time Warner…I have the premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz) I pay like 110/month. If I were to get just the internet through Time Warner, it’s only 44/month

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