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Ladies, have you ever been rejected when you've asked a guy out on a date?

Asked by answerjill (6198points) November 16th, 2016

It happened to me a couple of days ago! Would love to hear others’ stories.

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I’m no lady, but seeing that there are no taker to your question so far, let me say that way back when these things still happened to me, I did reject a few gals who asked me out.

We’re not obliged to date whoever wants to date us, are we?

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There seems to be a strange assumption here that men are rejected for dates and that women are not.

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It happens with all.. you’re not the first one and last one as well to experience it!!!

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@SecondHandStoke – I recognize that both men and women get rejected for dates.

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Twice that I can remember. When I asked the boy I had a crush on if he would go to my prom with me and he said no. he turned out later to be gay but I’m not sure that’s why he said no. Fifty years later, we’re good friends.

And more recently, I asked a guy I was close to platonically (but “liked”) to be my escort to a wedding. He went apeshit.

@SeconHandStoke – I saw no assumption; the OP was just asking women for their experiences. We all know it works both ways.

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I’m a guy but I have done about as much rejecting as I have been rejected myself.

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I’ve never asked a guy out, that I can remember. I’ve dropped hints and let the chips fall where they may.

@janbb: The guy went apeshit why?

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@jca Because he thought you only asked someone to escort you to a wedding if you were dating them.

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