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What is the weekly limit to eating fish?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21594points) November 19th, 2016

My dietitian said that I should have fish two times a week. I find salmon tasty , low in cholesterol and cheap.

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In my opinion, dietitian are like psychologists. They have some helpful knowledge, but they have marketed themselves into making believe that they are at a higher level of expertise than they really are.
I find salmon tasty as well. Where I live it is not that cheap.

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Don’t eat albacore more than once a week, Salmon is good. So is herring and sardines.

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If it was more affordable I’d have fresh fish every day. Love that stuff. So quick and easy to prepare and wonderfully tasty, especially good flat fish.

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“Limits” on seafood are more suggestions about reducing exposure to ocean borne toxins. But some fish have much less incidence of toxins, and there isn’t any other Eason to limit exposure.

Salmon are pretty clean, especially Canadian and Alaskan harvests. As @Tropical_Willie pointed out, albacore should be limited, along with other tuna. And be careful about farmed Chilean sea bass and tilapia, some of those are raised in foul circumstances.

There are a lot of web sites that tell you what seafoods to avoid, such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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Yes. It depends on the fish. Some are more likely to have certain toxins ,or heavy metals in them.

That being said, certain waterways are subject to different contamination levels.

There are many variables.

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Toxins and mercury. Northern pike, tuna, and swordfish are some of the fish high on the mercury scale. I would limit the “mercury fish” to once a week. Other fish 2–3 times a week just to be moderate. I believe in moderation.

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Back in the 70’s when I first did weight watchers we had to eat fish six times a week.

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It is better to eat fish lower down on the food chain, like salmon. The toxins of a small fish get concentrated when a larger fish, like a tuna, eats it. Smaller fish also have shorter lives, giving them less time to accumulate toxins.

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