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What are some tips?

Asked by cecildooderbop (192points) August 5th, 2008

On getting through sophomore year of high school?

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Dont let your grades drop cuz this is where its starts to get competitvie for your GPA and take the PSAT

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Get involved in sports and after school clubs. Key Club, Habitate for Humanity, and Big Brother, Big Sister are excellent after school activities to join if you’re not interested in sports. They all look attractive on a resumé

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Don’t take the social order of your school so seriously. None of it will matter in 3 years.

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I disagree. College is all about social order no matter what people tell you. College really isn’t different than highschool (sadly) so learn the social order while you can so you know how to abuse it later on. It’s a skill that will benefit you later in life too.

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The entire world may be about social order, but, the order changes significantly once you’re out of high school. The cliques stick together, but their ranking goes up, or down, for example…those geeks/nerds? Your new boss. The popular kids? They’ve already had the best years of their lives…it’s all downhill from there. (Obviously, not always).

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On a more serious note, just do your thing and do it well. After that learn & enjoy new things, whether you do them well, or not.

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Find the biggest and most burly dude in the crowd and knock him down.

Oh wait, that’s prison….

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@mrJ…you crack me up

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College is about learning; you are only a part of the social order if you want to be. I never belonged to a clique in high school, college, or in my adult life. If you want to play politics, go right ahead, just know that you do not have to.

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Do things you’ll feel good about doing 20 years down the line. Be yourself and don’t worry about the social stuff. Be smart and care about people. Stand up for others who can’t stand up for themselves. Learn because it’s important to learn, not because you’re out for a grade. Demand to be educated. You’re the client.

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I get taken far too seriously online.

The easiest way to make it through high school is to go to class. =). Showing up everyday will benefit you more than you could imagine.

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This is a fraction of your life. I’m 30 and don’t remember much from high school. It doesn’t really matter.

I’m not really sure why anything would change from your freshman year. Unless this is your first year of high school. (sometimes they put 9th grade in with the jr high) If you aren’t switching schools things should be normal.

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Also get along with teachers and keep in touch with them you WILL need them for letters of recommendations

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I second tinyfaery, in the grand scheme of things the social order in high school means nothing. Put your effort into getting straight A’s and getting along with your parents and the rest of your family. You will find that those are those are things that really matter in the long run. To go along with two amazing parents, you have an aunt who loves you very much and she is always there for you.

One more thing, you are young and there are lots of guys out there who are NOT you-know-who. It is time to move on.

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this is a time for you to figure out who you are. this is going to be REALLY HARD as both peers and the media are trying to tell you who you should be. i don’t have a good answer for you as to how to approach that. try to experience many things, don’t laugh derisivley at the unusual just because your friends laugh, don’t do something you know is stupid just because your friends egg you on.

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Take your time to really enjoy the little things :)

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