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If you have kids, do they give you these mixed messages?

Asked by whattodo2 (91points) August 6th, 2008

My friend’s 11-year-old daughter wrote her a note that said, “I hate you! You’re ruining my life! Love, Ashley. Anyone else get funny conflicting messages like this?

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:) I usually get, “You are the best mother in the world. The ENTIRE world…” and then, “Can we get McDonald’s for lunch.” quickly followed by, “You are the WORST most EVIL and MEAN mother…let’s go snuggle and watch a movie.”

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I only have a 2 year old, so when he says “I don’t like you” (only when he has just been in trouble) I figure it’s just his age…...
But 11 seems a little too old to be saying that…..but I guess it’s normal?

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If I read that note, I would probably take the “love” sarcastically, but you know your kids better than I know your kids…

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That reminds me of a letter I got from a former friend who was 34(!) at the time. (I was 33.) I had to shake her down for money she owed me and got a letter from her signed:


Your acquaintance,”

You mean my insistence that you pay me back has ruined our friendship?

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When taking a parenting class I was taught that if your children express strong emotions with you, then it indicative of their love and trust in you, if they didn’t think they could trust you with them then they would share the negative feelings with someone else or keep them bottled up. Maybe that is just what the state of Virginia wanted me to believe. /shrug

Hope this helps.

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