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Does anyone know of any good hardcore/rock remixes of rap/hip-hop songs?

Asked by MooKoo (221points) August 6th, 2008

I’ve heard Brokencyde’s remix of Low by Flo Rida’ and loved it. I was wondering if there were any other good remixes.

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Dont know any hardcore/rock remixes, but this song comes to mind whenever i think of rap covers.

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Two that come to mind are Aerosmith/ Run DMC’s walk this way and Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s Numb/Encore but I think they were rap remixes of rock songs.

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Who cares? They are both from awesome bands!

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I found some more:
F**k Dying by Ice Cube and Korn
No Sleep til Brookyln- Beastie Boys
Bring the Noise- Public Enemy and Antrax
Miss Jackson- The Vines (original by Outkast)
Aw Naww- Nappy Roots (rock remix)
I Dont want to be a player- Incubus and Big Pun
I am not into rock much so I don’t know which ones you would like. I tried the most variety as possible. Hope your pleased. :)

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go to youtube and search for “Screamo Covers”. There’s a bunch of stuff there. it’s pretty funny stuff, if you ask me. someone sent me a “Soldier Boy” remix a while back, it was hilarious.

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Thugz Mansion by Chip Christy (original by Tupac)

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Thanks everyone. I’ve found some great stuff. YouTube and MySpace are your friends. lol

If anyone else is looking for some good hardcore remixes check out Calvary Kids and Ten Masked Men for sure. I also found some other awesome stuff:

Since U Been Gone by A Day to Remember
Milkshakes by Goodnight Nurse
Sexy Back by Rivethead

Those are some of my favorites I have found on my quest for hardcore/rock remixes.

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There’s an album out now called Punk Goes Crunk and it is phenomenal! Tons of hardcore and pop/punk bands covered both current and not-so-current rap and hip/hop stuff.

Also, I’m sure you’ve heard it at one point or another, but the best crossover I have ever heard is Collision Course by Jay-Z and Linkin Park.

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‘still fly’ by the ‘devil wears prada’ is aceeeee

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