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Where can I buy the cheapest, but yet decent quality blu ray player?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) August 6th, 2008

I was living with a roommate, and he had a PS3 and he had it hooked to my Bravia since I had the larger TV, and we moved out and on to our seperate ways.

I don’t want to buy a PS3 (I really don’t have time for another game system). Any online sources for a blu ray player in the sub 100 dollar price range?

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the cheapest blue ray system is actually the ps3

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The PS3 is 399.99 isn’t it? I thought I’ve seen players for less than that.

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the ps3 is cheaper than the blu-ray players at this point, even if you only use it as such.

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I don’t know about the US, but in the UK they’re starting to come down in price. Last weekend I got a Samsung blu-ray player for £175.. £110 cheaper than the ps3

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Get a ps3. You can use it to surf as well as play games and blu rays

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get a ps3 and dont play games then, here’s why: it’s forwards compatible with blu-ray 2.0 (which require 1gb on on board memory), and it’s the cheapest right now.

(correct me if i’m wrong)

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