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(Hypothetically)What would happen if a foreign country used a drone strike to kill US citizens, on US soil? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19003points) November 28th, 2016


Let’s say that Russia, or China used a drone to kill one,or more US citizens, on US soil.

How do you think the US would react?

How would you react if someone you know /love is killed as a casualty?

I’ve read about a couple drone strikes that were carried out on the word of a crackhead who got money for reporting ‘targets,’ or ‘terrorist cells. ’

How would the USA view someone killing IT’S citizens with NO oversight ,on its soil?

What if the crackhead on your corner told the military that you were a terrorist, because he got $1,000? Not because you’re actually a terrorist ?

Some drone strikes kill dangerous people who need to be dead. Other times…Mixed variables, usually with negative outcomes.

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They would flip the fuck out.
“how dare they?! only we are allowed to bomb innocents indiscriminately!”

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It would be considered an act of war, or an act of terrorism, depending on if it was carried out by a sovereign nation or by a group.

And then, the US would have to figure out who was responsible, and would then figure out a measured response.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world would be saying, “how do you like them apples?”

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with the orange hitler at the helm, mushrooms would be growing all over the globe immediately.

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I don’t think it is really hypothetical, more like a matter of time. A drone carrying Anthrax or other bio-warfare, airborne diseases would be a big hit. Literally.

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Well. In the US, you have the right to a trial, before a sentence can be handed down. (Like a death sentence. )

The process ,from what I have read ,with drone strikes is that they are significantly less concerned about being wrong, and they have to make decisions (about killing maybe 30 people) in like 3 minutes to an hour. (I’ve read stats ALL over the place that suggest that the people responsible for making the call often had little information, and little trust in their sources. )

They’re just killing people. Sometimes entire generations of families. It’s COMPLETELY wrong, in every way.

Why doesn’t the rest of the world sanction us until we stop?

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Who is to say that haven’t? And it was covered up…

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Obviously, it would be an act of war.

If the question is raised to question the legality of US drone strikes, the legal question has been beaten to death in Washington, and no less a Constitutional scholar, an internationalist and occasional US apologist than Barack Obama, affirms the legality of our drone strikes.
Helping drones find the human target for their Hellfire missiles is not for the morally confused so having at least some of your questions answered about legality is helpful to the soul.

Here is my current ‘go to’ reference on the legality of US drone strikes. If you are cynical, confused, looking for one more way to be pissed off at the US, or like I once was, looking for re assurance, this might be make you feel better. Maybe.

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Trump will have his stubby fingers on the nuclear launch button faster than he can send out an incoherent tweet.

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Japan would not be the only one surviving the atom bomb anymore.

No one attacks America, only the US had the right to attack other nations.

@MrGrimm888 “Why doesn’t the rest of the world sanction us until we stop?”

Wait, we can?

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You lot would make a movie out of it within a year, an unintentional comedy obviously.

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@josie . I didn’t have an agenda when asking the question. But sometimes I think many Americans don’t even think about it.

It must be pretty awful to live where your neighbors could call you a terrorist, and then your house blows up.

I would think some love in constant fear….

I appreciate the link, but I wasn’t interested so much in the legal aspects. I was curious how we would act. Especially if it was done by another super power, like China, or Russia.

We’ve already done it at least once here. The Dallas shooter was killed by a drone. Not an airborne one, but a drone nonetheless.

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First reaction of the government would be to hide or conceal the fact that it had occurred. Admitting they do not control the air would be tantamount to suicide for any administration.
There would be covert retaliation that would be denied as ever having happened.
Trump would issue a tweet taking offense.

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All America would be rightly shocked and horrified and very many would want revenge on the attackers.

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Interesting @rojo . That’s probably similar to what they might do. Unless it was in a highly populated place. Then it would be harder to cover up.

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^^ Industrial accident, gas explosion, home grown land based attack by Radical Pipeline Eco-terrorists, there are many scenarios

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