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I have noticed the banner at the top now has a link to join AskJelly. Why does AskJelly not have a link to join Fluther?

Asked by chyna (45305points) November 30th, 2016

As asked.

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Wow, that’s not cool. For the record, the mods were not warned or consulted about this.

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Maybe it’s the price we pay to get our own “Related” back, which I see to the right——————>

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That is an improvement, though we still have the “Related on Jelly” box right below it. Honestly, I think it would be better if they had just added a panel to the old moving/alternating banner. They could even make the Jelly panel first if it’s so important.

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I am remarkably feline in my distaste for change. Getting used to stuff is not my strong suit. Ugh.

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Change is bad!

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….and all we could do was sit, sit, sit and we did not like it, not one little bit!

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The people who pay for the site have the right to modify it as they like. If they think that the little Fluther community will bring activity to Jelly, they have to give it a try.

I’m glad to see related back because the old discussions here can be interesting to read and related provides a good breadcrumb trail.

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^Well yeah, but, but, they didn’t ask ME first!

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<pouty face>

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@BellaB That may be true but it is also true that AskJelly is an inferior site. haha
Okay, I’ll concede to the damn banner if we have our related section related to us once again.

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It would definitely be nice if the traffic went both ways, and Fluther could benefit from the Ask Jelly site. Yes of course the owners of the site can do what they want with it but…....

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but…..we are biased as hell loyal flutherers. lol

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It’s… a human. Why is it a human? That’s not very jelly-like. I’m troubled.

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I know this isn’t a general “what’s working/what’s broken” thread, but I notice that I’m getting Questions for You – that’s nice. But also that my list of recent lurve is not working.

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I noticed the Jelly banner. I think someone needs to get that shoving something down our throats won’t make us like it. I’d have a less distasteful response if I thought the jelly people were having Fluther thrust upon them. Have we acquired any new members from Jelly?

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@dappled_leaves Questions for You has been working for a while now, but it wasn’t making many matches (as in, close to zero matches). It’s possible that the code used for matching questions to users was updated along with the new banner.

In what way is your list of recent lurve not working? I’m guessing you mean that you’ve received GAs or GQs that aren’t reflected on that list? If so, are those GAs or GQs listed when you look at all of your lurve?

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@SavoirFaire I know that Questions for You has been technically working for some time, but I don’t think I’ve had a new question in about a month, which is highly unusual (at least the Meta questions should end up there, but nothing ever does). Anyway, I had two today, so something has clearly changed.

Regarding the lurve, I mean the list of recent lurve that shows up when you’re in one of the main pages. I could see that two people had lurved my response above, because it showed up in the community feed, but even on refreshing, they didn’t show up in Lurve or in “See all your lurve” until I logged out and came back a while later. Not a big deal, but it struck me as odd enough to refresh the page and check “See all your lurve”, which I don’t normally do!

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Been on Jelly for three years.

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Fluther is status qou. Askjelly is the future.

Follow the money.

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@nutallergy Well have a good time over there, all by yourself. haha

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I just Adblocked the banner.

Now I have an appealing and unobtrusive aquamarine rectangle instead.

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@Brian1946, you have shut yourself off from the future!

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It worked on me, I just signed up, maybe i’m weak & shallow & easily bought :D
Seriously though, it was curiosity more than anything else & I can’t see me contributing, the whole site has a cold & distant feel, but hey, fair enough if they felt the need to recruit from here.

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Probably because we’re the valuable contributors. Look around. Fluther content is pretty high quality – any new website would be lucky to have us.

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@Earthbound_Misfit: Another door closed. Haha

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Wondered what it was but not enough to ask.

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I did what @Brian1946 did and made the little man go away.

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It was done because it works. I sat around for a week ignoring the thing til one of those outrageous HC type questions tripped my switch and sent me flying over there to snap at the insolence. But of course you aren’t allowed to vent without first signing up, and since the key to viability anywhere on the net is the number of verifiable participants…...

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