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How much a month do you pay for medications?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18830points) November 30th, 2016

Including government assistance for medications. Mine is $550 a month. What is yours? Is anyone at $0?

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Do vitamins and ibuprofen count?

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I don’t take any so $0

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My husband’s asthma medication, if bought without insurance, costs upward of $600 a month. That’s for a lung steroid, two kinds of rescue inhaler (in case the first doesn’t work) and nebulizers.

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I think I pay $40 a month for my thyroid mess and prescription D, but I don’t know how much my insurance is also paying. Plus, I take some extra vitamins and minerals (I have to take B12 and iron or I become deficient) and some other vitamins I take and that adds $20 a month probably.

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Less than $100 for 7 meds: 2 inhalers, 1 allergy pill and 4 psych meds.

I have great insurance.

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$0 this time of year. About $10 – 15/month during allergy season.

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I’m the same as @BellaB . $0. In the spring I buy over-the-counter flonase.which costs about $20 and lasts me 2–3 months.

I take Vitamin D which costs about 1.3 cents per day or $0.40 per month..

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A few bucks a month. The meds I take are all old as hell, so the cost (and thus, my co-pay) is cheap.

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$0.89 for thirty days Lisinopril for high blood pressure. Don’t know what it will be next month when a new plan kicks in.

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I take one thyroid medication which I pay cash for and it’s about 10 to 15 dollars per month. I, too, have great insurance.

I take vitamins but you said not to count them.

@LuckyGuy I just got generic Flonase from Costco, 5 bottles for less than 20 bucks. The doctor recommended it for my daughter when she was sick but she hasn’t taken it.

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Nothing but it doesn’t mean I’m the picture of health. Haven’t seen a doctor for years, physical or mental, probably should at one point.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Your government assistance doesn’t cover that 550? That’s awful. I am also on state aid and only have to pay a couple dollars a med co-pay.

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@anniereborn No they do. It just how much it costs without assistance.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Oh, I have no idea how much mine would cost if I had to pay without insurance.

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$70…after insurance.

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I’m in remission now, so nothing. I pay nothing for my son’s medicine.

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Fortunately, I don’t use any medicines whatsoever.

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I take 4 prescriptions right now.

With my (very good) insurance:
Birth control: $0 (thank you, Obamacare).
Appetite stimulant: $15
SSRI: $15
Antibiotic (most important; thing that is keeping me in remission): $25
Total: $55

I didn’t know what it’d be without insurance, so I thought I’d do some research.
Birth control: $22
Appetite stimulant: $25
SSRI: $30
Antibiotic: $50
Total: $127
Not as bad as I thought.


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$0 plus a good amount for vitamins.

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