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Would this trick work in boot camp?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24611points) December 3rd, 2016

Instead of making your bed you sleep on top of it so that you can’t be bothered with the impossible expectations of making a bed. I really don’t like making my bed. You? Also for bonus would you go through border security without baggage. What other tricks will or won’t work? Any tips of tricks anywhere. Please share.

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In school I couldn’t remember my combination lock so I put everything in a duffle bag. It worked

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I don’t know if it works in a camp, but it definitely works otherwise. I got too lazy to make my bed a few times, so I slept on top and covered myself with another blanket.

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I know lots of guys that went to The Citadel. They slept under their beds….

Same principle.

It works, but they don’t sleep well.

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If you can’t be bothered to even make your bed then you’re not going to last one day in boot camp.

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The sergeants walk through at all times so they’ll see you. And your bed won’t look proper when you’re not in it so it won’t pass inspection. And ditto with what @Darth_Algar said.

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Hahahahahahaha. Man, you really come up with some good shit sometimes. The DI’s and barracks corporal are well aware of that schoolboy trick and make unscheduled inspections late at night. Expect to go on a long run with full 100lb pack all the next day.

But Josie would know the modern answer to this better than I.

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“Drill Sergeants hate him…”

It might work. Depends on the Sergeant and how he feels about it. He could order you to do it. Or to do all sorts of other things if he thinks you’re trying to get away with something.

I hate making (and sleeping in) beds with sheets too. If I had another blanket I might prefer sleeping on top of them. However if I were in boot camp (...), I imagine I might just make a Zen practice of it. They have far more annoying/dumb tasks than making beds in boot camp.

I would go through border security without baggage if I didn’t have any baggage. So far the baggage search has not been tedious for me, and is mainly some extra work for them while I get sent through other silly tests by other people. The only problems I’ve had with luggage searches per se have been when I have had something silly they want to deny me taking on a plane. Or the time I had many unusual antique but low-value objects which they were curious about (which I found amusing).

Any tips or tricks anywhere? That’s rather broad… Consider not signing up for boot camp in the first place. Avoid breaking laws while in North Korea.

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There is only one way to make getting through boot camp any easier, and that is to start training long before you sign up.

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I like making my bed because I get to mess around with pillows and blankies. They’re soft. But I guess in boot camp you don’t get 14 pillows in your bed like I have. Man I’m such a princess.

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This question was brought to you by the ghost of Private Pyle.
I AM in a world of shit!!

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You couldn’t remember your locker combination? No offense, but I never heard of such a thing. Why didn’t you write it down on a slip of paper? What did you tell people when they asked you why you were lugging around a duffel bag? Did you tell them that you could not remember your combination? And they would no doubt say, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

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My father took particular pride in the way he solved the problem of the noisy kitchen fan. The fan’s hinge had loosened to the point that the fan was resting on the bottom of its casing. It made a racket bouncing up and down. My father noticed a very small pencil stub nearby and placed it under the fan. It was a perfect fit. The fix lasted. I wonder if the new owners of the house noticed my father’s handiwork when the house was sold many years later.

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I hate making my bed every night. I can no longer be bothered doing woodwork until 3.00 in the morning and looking for screws in the dark.

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I will send items ahead by mail to avoid long security checks at airports like Mexico City, or Havana, or the return trip through American customs at Nassau. It can take forever and I don’t like watching people go through my stuff when all I want to do is get on with the trip.

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@ucme Hey I like you. You can come over and fuck my sister!

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Mary Jane Rottencrotch?

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