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What are the things one can't do on a tablet as opposed to desktop and maybe laptop?

Asked by flo (12964points) December 3rd, 2016

Other than not being able to print.

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I’m guessing that you meant to type, ”...desktop and maybe laptop?” If yes, you might want to edit and clarify.

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Playing World of War Craft or other similar games.

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I give up sometimes trying to type in complete sentences without a physical keyboard.

For example, mostly I respond on Fluther when I am using a computer. I might read the questions on my phone, but I answer when I am sitting at a desk.

Yes, I am old, why do you ask?

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* Have a large high-resolution screen.

* Have multiple large high-resolution screens.

* Play high-requirement games well on a large high-resolution screen.

* Have powerful graphics cards.

* Use a real physical keyboard without defeating most of the purpose of the form of my device.

* Have multiple high-capacity high-performance hard drives that store everything I want.

* Have huge amounts of RAM for fast computing, gaming, photo manipulation, etc.

* Have other built in full-size drives, burners, network and other devices, etc that can be swapped in and out.

* Run software designed for full computers with full displays & specs.

* Dual-boot Linux and Windohs 7.

* Easily avoid all sorts of unwanted tracking/spying attempts via built-in webcams, GPS, etc. and not have to void my warranty if I want to install whatever hardware or software or have root access.

* Easily install software that doesn’t go through a “store” app.

* Hold down my desk.

* Generate dust bunnies.

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Difficulty hitting “Right Click” without a mouse

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I have an Ipad and kinda like it. I can do everything on that device as I can on my laptop only at a slower pace and all because I don’t use it a lot. I watch millennials tear it up on their tablets at a dizzying pace so I am sure all I need is more practise.

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Difficulty hitting “Right Click” without a mouse

Long press brings up the right-click menu.

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I agree with @Call_Me_Jay about using a real keyboard. I often write research memoranda, and I can’t imagine creating a Word document on anything but a full-sized keyboard. I learned how to type in high school. That was a long time ago, and I’m certainly not a touch-typist any longer, but I still use the same techniques.

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