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[Fluff time] What was the largest amount (as in numbers of bulbs) of Christmas lights you ever hung or arranged in any of the places you ever called home?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26840points) December 5th, 2016

As asked.

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For me, personally, I think it’s 1000. Five 200 bulb strands. All inside.

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I had about 70 draped over the Christmas tree last year and will do the same this year once I bring the tree down from the attic.

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Most Christmases close to 3,000. This year maybe a 1,000.

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No idea. When it comes to decorating…........................less is more. In this world of gaudy, tasteless, and tacky I always try to understate.

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I have never counted them, but I love multicolored lights. I bought one of those “star shower” multicolored lights this year, which I project on the garage door every night, in addition to the regular lights I put out.

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