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Pencils versus pens? When was the last time you used a pencil? Could you even find one?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28884points) December 5th, 2016

I wanted to write something down this morning – part of a list of things I need to do this week. It dawned on me that I don’t have a single pencil, wood or mechanical, in my house.

Pens? Zillions of them. Many colors, thickness, degrees of fanciness. (mostly cheap hotel giveaways).

I tried to think back to the last time I even used a pencil. My guess is that it’s been at least six months.

Have pencils been replaced in your life by pens?

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I use both.
Pencils are more practical for taking notes, because I can erase it if I make some mistakes in writing.
I have only two pens, and use only one of them on occasion.
I have several wooden pencils, used for drawing, though I don’t draw that often.

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I have a mechanical pencil on my desk I use when writing new formulas here at work. I like being able to erase changes and adjustments to the formula as it progresses.

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I have pencils all over, both at work and at home. We have a pencil sharpener in the kitchen.

I have tons of pens, my son emptied a bunch from his backpack into a drawer in the kitchen. But try finding a pen that works, damnit!

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Last week while sketching. I have a lot of pencils of many grades. Most of my hand writing is into a log which, officially, is to be written in black ink. A corresponding personal journal is written onto a computer.

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This morning.

I am not clever enough to do a crossword in pen

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I keep a pencil just in case it is needed, which it occasionally is.

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I never use a pen except for legal documents. When I need a pen it takes numerous attempts to find one that works. Pencils however are always handy and always work.

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I have no idea, I do not own a pencil and only use ink pens.

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It’s amazing how infrequently I handwrite now that I’m out of school. Grocery list and addressing envelopes is pretty much it. I recently acquired an honest-to-goodness pen pal – handwritten letters – and was amazed at how clumsy I felt.

In school, I loved pencils. Math in pen is a bad idea. Nowadays, I don’t have need for pencils, other than for drawing I suppose, but even that I mostly do digitally.

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I used a purple crayon to sever chef’s contract, serves him right for taking bloody liberties with young Jennifer, our recently appointed saucy maid from below stairs, dirty rotten scoundrel.

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I’ve got pencils. I love it when people hand them out at trade shows. I’m a particular fan of the ones that have pencil lead inserted into twigs. I don’t use them. They’re decorative items that could be practical in some case that I don’t know.

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@elbanditoroso I use a pencil every time I balance my checkbook. Works out great for me when I need to make corrections.

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Pencils are scattered around the house, and there are 2 mechanical pencils in pristine condition that live in the van. I think the habit of having them is so heavily imprinted on us from school days, that there’s no escaping it.

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I like to use a pencil to draw pictures and also when making things our of wood.

I used a pencil last week while making racks to store canoe paddles.

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I have mechanical pencils all over the place. I still use them daily.

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@gondwanalon , you’ve reminded me of the funny wooden tool carrier my dad built himself decades ago. Not only did he drill holes for screwdrivers, he drilled holes for pencils. There are three or four pencils in that box downstairs.

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I use pencils for woodworking and home repairs. I like the flat carpenters pencils.

For everything else I use gel ball point pens. The Pilot G2 is a really nice cheap pen.

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Last used a pencil today. Yes I could find one.

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Now that I think about it, I don’t have any pencils in the house and I think the last time I used a pencil was at least a year ago if not longer. I have pens everywhere though most of them are black fine tipped ones.

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Quantities of both, in so many colors and shades of colors that I couldn’t list them. I use pencils every day, and I carry pens with me all the time. In bed and even in the bathroom there are sharpened pencils and paper within reach. I will never retire pencils from my life.

Just for one example, I read with a pencil. And I read for at least an hour every day.

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No. I have plenty of pencils, thanks. Erasing is very useful.

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Used a pencil about an hour ago (an not for the pencil test, yeah, I said it, so what), and i always have at least one mechanical pencil in my pocket, I also have a pen too, but the pen I have for official documents or notes I don’t want to get smudged while in my pocket.

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Last January I used a pencil for my English diploma exam. I failed. 36%.

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I use pencils a lot still. I do community theater and so they are needed to write in the scripts. Being an assistant director several times I keep them on hand for the actors. So yeh, I have a lot hanging around.

Other than that, I prefer pens.

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I used a pencil a couple of hours ago to work on a crossword puzzle. Yes, if I need a pencil I can find one at home or work.

If I am struggling to write something, I find that having two or three well-sharpened pencils and a yellow legal pad to work with will help me to get the job done. No idea why, but it works!

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Since I entered college I have been using pencils much more than pens, to the point that sometimes I have a feeling that my pens have come to extinct. When I was younger pens were a must. Every notes needed pens and there were lots of them, because there was a high demand to be formal. But now that I go to college I don’t need to write anything the way anyone dictate. I also draw a lot, so I just can’t live without pencils. At school pencils are for short notes on anything convenient enough, and pens are for long notes on notebooks and tests. But there are so few courses demanding long notes so…

People my age are stuck with pens just like you, partly because of the habit formed when they were young. I just don’t feel the same sentience.

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I keep both a Cross pen and pencil in my time management binder. I use both. I used the pencil today working on a flow chart and a cross word puzzle.

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